Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Link With Me: Tuesday

Sometimes Tuesday feels like a pinko lefty commie liberal kind of day. In its honor, today's links are all New York Times, all the time:

New York Times: Summer Express – 101 Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less
“How to Cook Everything” guru Mark Bittman jacks it up to ludicrous speed. Quite a few suggestions hit the Cheap Healthy Good requirements (which are: inexpensive, good for you, and presumably way tasty).

New York Times: Did McDonald’s Give into Temptation?
Mickey D’s slides back on its effort to healthy-up the menu. One new Hugo, a 42 oz. soda selling in some markets for $0.89, contains 35 teaspoons of sugar. That comes out to about 12 tablespoons, which is 2/3rds of a cup. Gag.

New York Times: Limiting Ads of Junk Food to Children
GOOD: The government’s restricting junk food commercials aimed at under-12s, especially during kid-centric programming hours, i.e. Saturday morning cartoons.
BAD: The agreement’s ambiguous wording leaves a lot of leeway for ads to pop up in the middle of “family” shows, i.e. American Idol.
UP FOR DISCUSSION: Are the limitations even necessary? Are kids THAT vulnerable to suggestion?
PERSONAL OPINION: Without a doubt.

...and a follow up from Consumerist.

LATE ADDITION: Frugal Law Student is hosting this week's Festival of Frugality. Cheap Healthy Good got a mention! Woot!

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