Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Links of the Post-Independent

MSN Health: 10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn't Want You to Know
Solid article on the saucy games supermarkets play. Tips 4 through 8 are particularly relevant to CheapHealthyGood.

The Festival of Frugality
Each week, a different financial blogger compiles his favorite frugality-themed posts from other bloggers around the web. Recent highlights have been The Bulk Buying Debate from The Simple Dollar blog and How NOT to Go to a Bar or Club by The LocoMono Website. SO worth a gander.

CNN: Tainted Chinese seasoning used on recalled snack foods
In case you haven’t heard, Veggie Booty got the recall! Turns out, the extra added flavor was salmonella. Mmm … poison.

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Mark said...

Muchas Gracias for the mention. I like your title, cheap, healthy, good. Sounds delicious.

Kris said...

Thanks Mark. I loved your article. Really good idea.