Monday, July 2, 2007

A Plan! A Wonderful Plan!

To accomplish what CheapHealthyGood is setting out to do, odds are I’ll need to post something. Links, suggestions, and muted whining are to be expected. I’d also like to scrawl some how-to entries, strategy guides, and generally informative doodles, but let’s see how it goes.

The most important part of the site, hopefully though, will be the actual food. My goal here is to try a recipe, make sure it hits every criteria (cheap, healthy, and um, good), calculate its stats, and post the results. Included in each of these entries will be:
  • Pictures

  • The recipe itself

  • The approximate price per serving

  • The approximate fat and calories per serving

I’ll need some guidelines, here. So let’s say:

  • All prices are what I actually paid for each item, divided according to the amount used from a package. In other words, if I bought a pound of angel hair pasta for $0.70, but only used 8 ounces, I list the price as $0.35.

  • All the calculations are my own, and are approximate. Cut me some slack, man.

  • If a recipe is gleaned from a cookbook, website, or chef (and most of them are), I cite the source ALWAYS, and change the wording as much as possible. Plagiarism is bad.

  • The difficulty level of each recipe will assume the cook’s been in a kitchen before, but hasn’t studied under Daniel Boulud for any length of time.

Comments, suggestions, and readers are welcomed with open arms and a strawberry Freezy Pop. For now, here’s hoping.


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