Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Linkage

Get Rich Slowly: Pick Your Own – A Brief Guide to the Berry Patch
Good god, look at this now, especially if you’re a fruit fiend like the Boyfriend. Berry-picking is usually a massive bargain, and JD’s tips are genius, as always.

Consumerist: Subway is Not Ashamed – First Fast Food Restaurant to Put Calorie Info on Menus
(*Cue Ken Burns’ Civil War violin music*) Subway has taken the first battle in the nutritional information war, while Dunkin Donuts continues losing valuable ground. The future is bleak for the Donutfederacy, sir. We will write General Grant for counsel. (*end music*)

Not Made of Money: Why Your Cluttered Pantry is Costing You Money - And How To Fix it
Yesterday’s post dealt with stocking an anorexic pantry. NMoM reveals why you shouldn’t let it become obese, either. What the World Eats
Faboo slideshow depicting the average weekly consumption of families around the globe, along with an estimate of much they blow on food in a seven-day span. The Kuwati and Egyptian broods look to have the best-balanced diets, while the British and Americans, uh, well … see for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

It is enlightening to see that for the most part, the countries with the higher food bills had much more processed foods and alcohol. Thanks for the link.