Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Linkage

The Simple Dollar: Ten Frugal Tips for a Great Grilling Experience
Perceptive barbecue tricks from The Simple Dollar, which I’m posting just in time for the 10th of July.

New York Times: Hint of Chocolate Holds a Reward
Oh, wizened and generous Grey Lady, you have bestowed upon us much treasured culinary information over the ages. Yet, until this treatise, none of your scribblings have been as precious.

Slate: Make it Large for a Quarter More?
Jill Hunter Pelletieri pens a really neat mini-history on how theater candy became synonymous with the movie experience, then explains why a large popcorn costs more than a small house.

McSweeney’s: Reviews of New Food
Hilarious sometime column focusing on, uh, just what the title says. My favorite entry ever is a review of “Hot Choice” Tombstone Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza by a writer named Robert Moor. An excerpt: “Never eat pizza from a machine. It's like making love to a Terminator: almost satisfying, but slightly creepy, and there's always the possibility that it will collapse your chest cavity with one fatal blow.”

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