Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Linklove

Today, it’s lots of links from the Festival of Frugality, plus two from Consumerist on the evils of fast food.

Frugal for Life: Festival of Frugality 86
Inventive presentation idea from FfL. Cheap Healthy Good gets a nice mention, but also worth checking out are:

Consumerist: Study Shows Fast Food Zombies are Made at an Early Age
Save the children!

Consumerist: Wendys Sends Scary Legal Threats Over Photoshopped Menu that Includes Calorie Info
See? SEE?!? Evil. And I thought Wendy's was the good one.


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Millionaire Mommy Next Door said...

Thanks for the mention of my Fast Food For Thought article!

Kris said...

Anytime, Mommy. Your blog is stellar, by the way.