Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday Late Links

Real Simple: Organizing Your Recipes – 8 Foolproof Methods
These are much better than my place-recipe-on-table-and-let-spills-completely-obscure-the-directions method.

Time: What Doctors Don’t Say About Obesity
Physicians of the world are avoiding the harsh reactions to reality. Not cool.

Paid Twice: eBaying for Coupons
I keep hearing about this, but never knew the best strategies for going about the process. PT shoots and scores.

Get Rich Slowly Forums: How Much Do You Spend on Food?
Good question, long thread. How do you measure up?

Bean Sprouts: 90th Festival of Frugality
Tons of solid food links this week, including a nice shopping-around post from A Penny Closer and a kickass budget/health analysis from Wenchypoo

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paidtwice said...

Thank so much for the link love! Glad you found it useful :)

A Penny Closer said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!