Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks: Flimflam and Farmers Markets

Consumerist: 30 Code Words for Sugar
Xylose, how could you? I trusted you, and now I see our relationship was nothing but a fraud, a dupery, a shakedown. Well, I'm sick of the hocus-pocus. This hoodwinking's over. Get'cherself a new gal Friday.

Money and Values: Festival of Frugality #93
Go for hundreds of frugal tips from dozens of frugal bloggers, but stay for the super-neat pictures of cake.

New York Times: Happiness for $10 or Less
Promises, promises.

Serious Eats: Are Healthy and Delicious Mutually Exclusive?
Man, I hope not. Otherwise this blog is all for naught. (Naught, I say!) Great comment section below Ed Levine’s smart tips.

The Simple Dollar: Teaching Yourself to Cook at Home – 10 Tips from My Kitchen to Yours AND The One Hour Project – Do Some Basic Diet Hacking
Double the pleasure from a food-friendly finance blogger.

USDA: Farmers Market Search
Man, there are a million of these things.

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