Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks

I’m trying something new on Thursdays, so Tuesdays are now officially reserved for massive link lists. Which brings us to …

David Lebovitz: 8 Tips for Using Olive Oil
A smashing post from a crackerjack food blog. David's trick's are applicable to nicer oils as well as the $18 jug from Costco.

Festival of Frugality #91: Stop the Ride
Stephanie's done a peachy job compiling this week's festival. Her day-to-day blogging is spiffy, too.

Get Rich Slowly: Ask the Readers: Tips and Tricks to Save on Food? AND How to Feed Yourself on $15 a Week
JD’s entries are just the beginning. Scroll down for dozens of grocery shopping strategies and some surprising budgeting numbers.

Men’s Health: 10 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating
Not the usual blueberries/broccoli list, and something called “purslane” makes an appearance. Apparently, it’s a vegetable. Who knew?

Serious Eats: Nutrition Sells – One Small Step for Mankind
Proof that people buy healthy foods! Woo! Be still my blogging heart!

Zen Habits: Simple Things You Can Do to Lose Weight
Groovy entry on slow, steady pound droppage. The comments and links at the end are just icing on the blog-cake.

And one more.

Jon Stewart - Daily Show 9/20/01

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