Thursday, October 4, 2007

CHG Favorites of the Week

Blog of the Week
Extreme Pumpkins
If brown is the new black, and Pink is the New Blog, then pumpkins are the new buffaloes (meaning, no part of a pumpkin should be wasted). So, grab one, scoop out the seeds, and then consider one of these traumatically awesome carvings. Spooky-sweet.

Book of the Week
Your Money or Your Life
Trent at The Simple Dollar is starting an online book club, and Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez’s seminal tome is his first selection. I’m only about halfway through right now, but so far, things are looking good. Without getting too crunchy, the book emphasizes the deleterious effect of consumerism on our lives and our planet, which I totally dig. If you can grab a copy (or if you’ve read it already), c’mon over and join the discussion.

Deals of the Week
Wal-Mart: Free Dunkin or Folgers coffee.
Macy’s: Batali Measuring Spoons $2.97
Amazon: Oxo Citrus Squeezer 55% off
Jamba Juice: Buy 1 get 1 free

Organization of the Week
Second Harvest
The mother ship to hundreds of smaller food banks, Second Harvest feeds millions of hungry U.S. citizens a year. This is a brief synopsis of their mission and inner workings, with a neato food bank locator on the bottom. What’s even better, they include ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the Charity Navigator, so you can keep an eye on their efficiency and expenditures. Neat site, great charity.

Quote of the Week
“I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time.’ So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.” - Steven Wright

Tip of the Week
To prevent undercooking pasta or a piece of meat, do some dishes while you’re waiting. In the end, you have a cleaner kitchen, a tastier meal, and more time to hang out with the ones you love (or watch Sportcenter).

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week
Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet from Apartment Therapy Kitchen
SQUEEEEEE! This might even be vaguely healthy. Watch out world!

Video of the Week (Food Division)
“Candy” – Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson
The most well-endowed man in rock teams up with beehived B-52s chanteuse Pierson for a pseudo-‘50s throwback. I LOVE this frigging song, and it’s even better when you pretend it’s about candy itself, and not a woman.

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Anna said...

I loved the book Your Money or Your changed the way I think of earning money and verses living life totally. But are you also going to read Getting a Life...the one where they showed people who used this advice? It is a must read too. It is by Jacqueline Blix and David Heitmiller. It has an introduction by Hoe and Vickie. Thanks for the discussion ...