Thursday, October 11, 2007

CHG Favorites of the Week

Blog of the Week
SAHMmy Says
The most horrifying, hilarious essay I’ve read in awhile is SAHMmy's "Don't Bite the Boob That Feeds You." I’m gigantically glad there was no accompanying picture. But beyond her mangled melons, this Stay-at-Home-Ma (thus, the title) is a clever, take-no-prisoners writer with solid, creative ideas about running her California household. In particular, her Mommy Wars post is darn provocative, and the GYOB (Get Off Your Butt) challenges are killer.

Cookbook of the Week
Lighten Up
At first glance, this Ginny Clark book is underwhelming. A paltry five inches tall and seven inches long, it’s illustrated by hand in black-and-white, and doesn’t seem to reach for the culinary stars in terms of fancy prep or mysterious ingredients. However – be ye not judgey, lest ye be judged (or something). The recipes contained within are simple, quick, tasty, and healthy. It’s a … um … quadfecta? Yeah. That’s it.

Deals of the Week
Amazon: Fast Food Nation – 50% off ($2.65 used)
Emerson House Coffee: Free sample
Sears: 40% off Tableware sale

Organization of the Week
The Society of St. Andrew
A Christian-based program awarded a four-star rating by Charity Navigator, SoSA focuses on the distribution of healthy, inexpensive food (with an emphasis on produce) to hungry kids and families nationwide. The Potato Project alone would make any spud-lovin’ Mick proud. Privately supported, they can always use donations, volunteers, and/or folks who’ll spread the word.

Quote of the Week
“You better cut the pizza in four pieces, because I'm not hungry enough to eat six.” - Yogi Berra

Tip of the Week
Have a half-used can of chicken, veggie, or beef broth on the brink of moldiness? Use it to boil pasta. The noodles will benefit from the extra flava, and you’ll save your fridge from the perils of Stinkonia.

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week
Florence Fabricant’s Fettucine with Mushroom Ragu from Wednesday Chef
Have you ever read a foodie blog and wanted to ask the writer to come cook for you? I feel like that every single time I browse Luisa’s posts. For the fat-conscious, I bet you can halve the olive oil in this and still be fine.

Video of the Week (Food Division)
“Brown Sugar” - Rolling Stones
We’ve gone a little under-the-radar the last few weeks, so here’s an oldie-but-sweetie from the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.

(Except Radiohead.)

(And U2.)

(And Pearl Ja…okay, let’s face it. The Stones are pushing 90. They’ve got to slow down sometime.)



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SAHMmy Says said...

Thanks so much for the great review! I'm honored to be mentioned in a post that includes info on The Society of St. Andrew's good-doings--I'm not worthy!