Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lollappleooza Day 2: Tuesday Megalinks

Accidental Hedonist: Apple Tips and Hints AND History of Apples
Cut these out for your next orchard trip. The hints will help you pick good fruit, and the history will smartify your friendicles.

Chowhound: What to Do With All These Apples?
Have a few apples lying around? How about 20 pounds of ‘em? Chowhound board members have ideas! BAM!

Frugal Upstate: An Apple a Day
Jenn has an interesting solution for the half-eaten fruit conundrum.

Lifehacker: Create an Apple Tasting Event
Snazzy! Classy! Creative! Inexpensive! Pair-able with wine, cheese, and chocolate! Sign me up.

Parent Hacks: Fruit’s More Appetizing When Served on a Stick
Honestly, I’d eat anything on a stick. Slamming an already-delicious apple on there is just icing.

Pick Your Own: All About Apple Varieties AND Apple Picking Tips
Don’t know a Jonagold from a Golden Delicious? PYO explains it all.

Slate: The Cider House Rules
Actually, the Cider House IS VERY BITTER. Author Daniel Gross comes out against apple picking. Aren’t there better things to protest? Like racism or The Hills?

Stop the Ride: Apples Tackled
Stephanie declares victory over more than three bags of freshly-picked apples. Some neato ideas in here, including one that will make deer fall in love with you.

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1 comment:

Nick Turner said...

This all sounds like a lot of work. Is it ok if I just wait for you to make something delicious and then invite me over to eat it? Also, I am allergic to apples. How do you feel about starfruit?

Oh wait, no that's cats. Apples are fine. I'll be over in 20 minutes.