Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks: BoSox Edition

First, a hearty “gracias” to Boston right fielder Jacoby Ellsbury for stealing a base during the World Series. Thanks to his speed and the Rockies’ total ineffectiveness, we all get free tacos from The Bell today.

Second, does Jonathan Papelbon remind anyone else of a lipless John Rocker? I can’t bring myself to root for this guy.

Third, everyone should have a David Ortiz in their lives. Big Papi is a joy to watch.

Fourth, everyone should also have a Manny Ramirez in their lives. Mostly for the nonsensical conversations and sheer unpredictability, but also ... well, as ESPN's Bill Simmons says, "I've watched Manny play left field at Fenway for the past seven years. It's not that he's loafing, it's that he only has one speed in which he does every single thing, and it doesn't matter if he's running after a rolling baseball, running toward home plate after a walkoff homer, running into traffic to save one of his kids, or running from a building that's about to blow up. He has one speed, that's it. He's almost like Michael Myers in this respect."

And fifth, the links:

Apartment Therapy Kitchen: Monkfish and the Minimalist - Choosing Ocean Friendly Seafood
Bad news: there are no longer too many fish in the sea.
Good news: there are still some left.

Being Frugal: Festival of Frugality #98
Lynnae did a really nice job organizing this week's fest. My fave: Mama Squirrel's ingenious post on making lasagna without recipes.

Consumerist: Top 10 Trans-fattiest Foods
A.k.a. White Castle Onion Rings Mean Certain Death.

Down to Earth: Developing Flavour in Home Cooking
Aussie home guru Rhonda Jean imparts about a dozen simple ways to add flava to your meals. Three cheers for Down Under!

Food News: Shoppers’ Guide to Pesticide and Produce
Extensive list of how much poison can be found on which vegetables, along with a wallet-sized guide for easy portability. (Celery! I guess I really didn’t know you. *sniffle*)

Mrs. Micah: Is it Ever Appropriate Not to Tip?
The age-old debate rages on. Good discussion after.

New York Times: Five Easy Ways to Go Organic
The Grey Lady analyzes which organics give you the best bang for your buck.

Serious Eats: Food Myths – Which Ones Make You Crazy?
My least-favorite myth: drinking soda is just as good as drinking water. No it’s not. Stop the insanity!

Time.com: My Last Supper
Slideshow featuring more than a dozen famous chefs, and what they would request for their last meal on Earth. Lots of seafood in there, and the picture of Vimal Dhar is pretty darn cool.

USA Today: Look who's cooking now: 'Gastro pups'
Look out, folks. The kids are taking over the kitchen. And they have knives.

Wise Bread: Truffles on the Cheap AND Gourmet Kitchens on a Shoestring
WB gets down and fancy with this week’s offerings. Good ideas for inexpensive luxury. (What, no caviar?)

Zen Habits: Hassle-free Weight Loss - The Zen Habits Meal Plan
Gah! Another post I wish I’d written.

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Thanks for the link! :-)

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Thanks very much for the compliment and the link!