Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks: The Colorado Rockies Edition

Man, did you SEE that game last night? Just when the situation was turning tragic, the Rockies turned it around and made the playoffs. I wish the Mets had shown half that heart, and I hope Matt Holliday's face heals up soon. Anyway, on to the show...

Apartment Therapy: Kitchen Keeping – Don’t Throw Away! AND Good Question – Good Veggie Burgers AND How to Arrange a Buffet Table
Leftover cheese rinds, brown bananas, and on-the-verge veggies are put to good use, PLUS the search for a palatable patty PLUS an advanced course in table setting. Woof.

Frugal Hacks: Cheerful Frugality at Table
If you’re used to eating out, switching to at-home dining can be difficult. FH pitches in with good ideas about creating a restaurant-like ambiance in the kitchen.

Market Watch: Can't eat candy? Think of gum as a 'sweet treat'
Interesting trends in this years candy expo, including reduced-calorie packs of the big guys (Snickers, etc.) and gum catering to caffeine freaks.

My Retirement Blog: Carnival of Personal Finance #120
CHG made it! Woo! Also of note: Shawna at One Girl’s Quest presents Eating at Home Really Does Save a Fortune and Insure Blog gives us The Government Made Me Fat.

Metromix: Grilled!
A dozen up-and-coming chefs are thrown quickfire questions on life in the biz. Neat insight with delectable pictures and at least one major thumb injury.

Real Simple: Buying, Storing, and Preparing Fall Produce
I want to marry this magazine. If only I had a sensible cashmere v-neck, maybe it would answer my calls.

Washington Post: Should Drinks Like Gatorade Sport the 'Junk Food' Label?
Once in college, I took a sip of orange Gatorade right after brushing my teeth. It made me truly doubt the existence of God.


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