Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks

Lots of links lost to last week’s Lollappleooza. The Casual Kitchen one is mah favorite. Dude.

Apartment Therapy: How To Plan, Cook for, and Throw a Dessert Reception
If you can get beyond the pretty, pretty pictures (ooo … shiny things …), this is solid advice on having a dessert-only wedding reception. (Step 1: Plan your face off.)

Casual Kitchen: Mastering Kitchen Setup Costs - The Economics of Cooking, Part 1
I’ll be writing more about CK later in the week, because it’s out-frigging-standing. In the meantime, read up on his theories on how to stock a kitchen. Thanks to Trent at Simple Dollar for the link.

Consumerist: Hardee's Unleashes 920-Calorie Burrito Bomb
When six Big Macs just aren’t enough.

Discount Grocery Stores
Great find from Meredith at Like Merchant Ships. This site lists several dozen salvage stores all over the U.S., where you can find deeply discounted food (up to 50% off) before it goes bad.

Serious Eats: Mario Unclogged - How to Sauce Pasta
EEEEEEE! Batali’s doing a web video series! (*pauses, looks down*) I think I just wet my pants.

New York Times: Serving Pasta? Forget What You Learned
Bittman challenges Batali! Oh, snappity snap snap.

New York Magazine: A Woman’s Place?
Awesome round table discussion about whether or not sexism is a factor in the restaurant biz, featuring seven of New York’s top female chefs.

A Penny Closer: Avoiding the Block - Get the Knives You Really Need
This is exactly the same advice my Knife Skills teacher gave during our 180-minute class. Right on.

USA Today: Proposal would slow L.A. fast-food biz
McPaper reports that lawmakers are considering putting the kibosh on new downtown f.f. joints. I’m a big fan of personal responsibility when it comes to weight, but this could be a very good move - especially for small businesses.

Wisebread: Bulk Buying 101
Massive guide to buying in bulk, with special emphasis for us apartment-dwellers.

Zen Habits: Fiscal Fitness - Eliminate Debt with 10 Successful Diet Principles
Man, I wish I had thought of this.

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VixenOnABudget said...

Great round of links.

Sasha said...

Oh, dear. We have a problem.

I found your blog via the comment you left on my loan payoff post and added you to my Google homepage. That was all well and good, but now I realize that all of your interests just so happen to be my interests, so it is highly likely that I'll be sucked into your blog, never to have free time again. And then you post a big list of links to other blogs on topics which also interest me.

Thanks for enabling me to spend two hours online tonight instead of doing the other things I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm doomed. Just sayin'.

Kris said...

Thanks, Vixen! Thanks, Sasha! I'm so happy you guys found this.