Thursday, November 1, 2007

CHG Favorites of the Week

Blog of the Week
The Great Big Veggie Challenge
Freddie and Alexandra are two English kids who used to (operative words) have a terrible aversion to all things green and leafy. Their mom, a top-notch writer, culinary genius, and all-around wonderful human being (if her blog is any indication) started the Great Big Veggie Challenge to amend their produce-hatin’ ways. She’s blazing a path through the alphabet, cooking three or four vegetable-based dishes beginning with each letter. Freddie than gives them a 1-10 rating, and decides whether or not his mom’s changed his mind about bell peppers or aubergines (eggplants). With apologies to Oprah and Jessica Seinfeld, THIS is how kids should be introduced to veggies – not hidden in a brownie, but loud and proud in a risotto or hummus of their very own. Seriously, one of the best food blogs out there. Go look.

Book of the Week
DK Eyewitness Travel Guides
Going somewhere? Don’t know jack about the local food? While Lonely Planet and Frommers may be better overall guides, the DK series is excellent for identifying foreign cuisine. Replete with descriptions and pretty, pretty pictures, it’ll help you learn the difference between samosa and pakora.

Organization of the Week
San Diego Salvation Army and Red Cross
The fires are pretty much under control at this point, but several thousand people still need the basics, including food. Donation and volunteering information can be found on either site.

Quote of the Week
Peter Griffin: Lois, there's a message in my Alpha Bits. It says "OOOOOO"!
Lois Griffin: Peter, those are Cheerios.
-The Family Guy

Sketch of the Week (Food/Star Wars Division)
“Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager”
Birthed by Blame Society Films (aka Yonda and Sloan of Channel 101) “Chad Vader” is a multiple-part series about Darth’s little brother, who works in a supermarket. IMHO, this premiere episode is the best, if only for the subtle title music and pure, unadulturated delusion.

Tip of the Week
Grate your own cheese. In a supermarket, two cups of grated cheese can run up to $4, while blocks might go for half the price. Buy an 8 oz. brick, take it home, and run it a few times against your favorite grater. It’s much fresher anyway, and you’ll save a boatload of dough with minimal effort.

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week
Chili Con Gobble from Sassy Radish
Featuring both cinnamon and chocolate, this chili arrives just in time for Fall. Which itself is just arriving in the Northeast, after a global-warming-confirming September and October.

Video of the Week (Food Division)
“Ice Cream” – Sarah McLachlan
Metaphor alert! A neat paean to love and sundaes, “Ice Cream” has become a huge wedding song the last coupla years. Also, I’m not positive, but I think the drummer in this video is Ashwin Sood, who is now Sarah’s husband. They had child #2 a little while ago. Three cheers for mellow Canadians!

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Hops said...

What do you do when you're grating the cheese (on a box grater, for example) and you get to the end? How to not waste that last little chunk and save fingers from being shredded at the same time?

Kris said...

Hops, I suggest eating the cheese. Your knuckles and your stomach both win.