Monday, November 19, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks

Brip Blap: 101 Thoughts on Losing 100 Pounds
"#10: Once you quit eating junk food, some of it starts to taste pretty awful." This is incredibly true. I avoid most chips and pre-packaged sweets because they taste funky to me now. (And not in a good, Stevie Wonder kind of way.)

Casual Kitchen: When High-Fat Food Can Actually Be Healthy

Chief Family Officer: Weight Watchers vs. Do It Yourself
I’ve dropped pounds both ways - by recording the information myself, and via WW’s smashing online doohickey, which has the benefit of multiple support systems. CFO weighs the decision

Festival of Frugality 101: Rather Be Shopping
RBS does a stellar job hosting the festival this week, with a scenic tour of Highway 101. I’m hosting the 102nd edition, so get your entries in!

A Penny Closer: Reducipes
This is an ongoing series, rather than a single post. Essentially, Melissa either scales back the cost of expensive dishes or increases the delectability of simple meals. Very, very neat.

Real Simple: Thanksgiving 101
Man, I wish this magazine taught classes. I’d sign up, and always wear something sensible.

Smitten Kitchen: Our Approach to Food Photos
Nice tutorial accompanied by the most mouth-watering edibles pictures this side of Gourmet Magazine. Obesity Drugs Work – Modestly
Prescription pill poppers lose weight, but only about eight pounds a year. And the cost is not unalarming.

Wise Bread: Egg-cellent Ideas for Money Saving and Menu Planning AND Healthy Recipes with Cost Data
Article #1 motto: Eggs. They’re what’s for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast (but you knew that).
Article #2 motto: The USDA. Making food blogs obsolete since 2007.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer Cobalt123)

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Daniel Koontz said...

You are so nice CHG!!! :)

PS: The "Our Approach to Food Photos" link at Smitten Kitten is a real keeper. Thanks for passing it along.


Casual Kitchen

Brip Blap said...

Thanks very much for the link - and if you want to eradicate mayonnaise from the face of the earth, I'm right there with you! Can we throw in sour cream, too?