Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Yam-Packed Cornucopia of Thanks

Since tomorrow is National Digestion Day, I won't be posting again until Monday. But I did want to say, "Thanks, you guys!" to the lovely folks who’ve ushered traffic here for the last few months. You've been way kind, and I really appreciate it. (Check out their blogs!)

(P.S. Apologies to the bloggers. The links should be correct now.)

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lynnae @ being said...

Thank you for helping us all eat well on a budget! I really appreciate this blog, and though I don't comment often, I read daily! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

paidtwice said...


Other than the link to my blog is actually a link to A Penny Closer :)

hee hee

Daniel Koontz said...

Agreed, Kris!! Keep up the great work here and thanks for sharing all of these blogs with your readers!


Daniel Koontz
Casual Kitchen