Thursday, December 27, 2007

CHG Favorites of the Week

Blog of the Week
Get Fit Slowly
Another fine blog by JD of Get Rich Slowly fame. He and his bud Mac are chronicling their efforts to drop a few pounds, and though only a few weeks old, it’s already chock full of solid fitness tips, healthy eating strategies, and up-to-date news reports and analysis. Worth a look and an RSS add.

Cookbook of the Week
The Best 30-Minute Recipe
Hm. I think my family found out I like to cook. I got six recipe tomes for Christmas this year, including this one by the makers of Cooks Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen, and Christopher Kimball’s bowtie. A cursory glance reveals a couple hundred tasty-looking, fairly inexpensive meals, along with CI’s requisite equipment evaluations and hand-drawn filets of salmon. This bodes well.

Food Comedy of the Week
American Cookbook
Subtly subversive parody of ‘50s instruction videos, featuring all kinds of delicious American foodery. The second episode, “Ice Cream” is particularly good, especially when the narrator is discussing his less-than-supportive father. (“They say he died of acute disapproval.”)

Organization of the Week
UN World Food Program
Focusing on emergency situations, relief and rehabilitation, development, and special operations, the UN World Food Program feeds millions of people in dozens of countries worldwide. A few bucks could make a huge difference in somebody’s life.

Quote of the Week
"And, of course, the funniest food of all: kumquats." - George Carlin

Tip of the Week
When I have a particularly dirty pan that’s still hot, I dump a cup or two of water into it. It cleans the equipment immediately, and makes scrubbing a lot easier later. (P.S. I was afraid this would harm the pan somehow, but then I saw Alton Brown doing it, and all is well.) (P.P.S. Don’t do this with glass.)

Video of the Week (Food Division)
“Trapped in the Drive-Through” by Weird Al Yankovic
Possibly the only parody of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in a Closet” epic that’s funnier than the real thing. Be on special alert for the precious few seconds where Al gets the Led out.

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LJ said...

Great stuff!
Especially the tip on cleaning a hot pan, don't you just love Alton Brown? He is amazing!

Take Care

twylitehope said...

Just a note - your link for blog of the week goes to a book on rather than to a blog