Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fish Notes

Hey Everybody - just two quick things about the Cheap, Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Seafood post from a few days ago:

1) Some wondered why salmon was left out, as wild-caught Alaskan scored two green environmental ratings, and it's generally considered pretty healthy. Sadly, it seems to cost around $10/lb, which makes it a bit pricey for this blog.

2) Meredith had a great point in the comment section: "I just wanted to emphasize how important it is to ASK where your shrimp is coming from at restaurants and stores before you purchase it. Most shrimp (especially pre-packaged/prepared frozen shrimp) is imported from extremely unsustainable, harmful tropical fishery industries. These practices destroy tropical mangrove forests, often result in the dumping of pesticides into tropical watersheds (which poison local people), produce large bycatch of sea turtles, and are so commercially competitive that armed gunman often stand guard around the shrimp farms (I know an Ecuadorian that grew up on a shrimp farm like this). So, consumers should know that it is actually fairly difficult to find US farm-raised shrimp, so they should never assume what they are buying is local. Always ASK. For more details, this article sums it up very well."

Thanks, and tune in tomorrow for a lovely entry on Lidia Bastianich's Roasted Root Vegetables.

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