Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Megalinks

A few folks have asked for an entry on Cheap, Healthy Vegetarian meals (to go with the Beef, Pork, and Seafood ones). I was thinkin' that might be a bit overwhelming, so I reorganized the links last night instead. From now on, if a featured meal is meatless, it will go under the lovely "Recipes: Vegetarian" link to the lower right. There are already 27 dishes in there, which - yay!

Oo! Also! I added another link section for food that take 15 minutes or less to make. There aren't many recipes there yet, but it's a start. If y'all have any other ideas about CHG organization, I'd love to hear 'em.

Building Nutrition: Great Nutrition and Physical Activity Gifts for Kids - Part 2
Really, really nice post on healthy food gifts for kids. (Thanks to Clever Dude for the link.)

Chow: Hey Mr. Postman – Where to shop for holiday gifts online
Specialty foods are pricier than most frugal-minded holiday gift options, but my Grandma lurrrved getting Florida oranges in the middle of December. In my mind, it makes the extra dough worth it.

Consumerist: 9 Better, Cheaper Ways to Search Amazon
Learn the ways of the online Force, Luke.

The Economist: Cheap No More – Rising incomes in Asia and ethanol subsidies in America have put an end to a long era of falling food prices
When the titles are that long, you know the news is never good.

Get Fit Slowly
JD of Get Rich Slowly is starting a physical fit blog. If it's half as good as his personal finance blog, we're in for a Christmas treat. Most excellent.

New York Times: Is the Entrée Headed for Extinction
Or: Is the entrée is the 8-track of food?

Plonkee Money: Festival of Frugality #104
God save the queen, our beloved Brit went with a Swedish theme this week! Mah seafood post is included therein (as a Plonkee pick!) along with a plethora of other fine frugal posts. Especially of note is Lightening's continuing series on slashing the grocery budget.

Serious Eats: Junk Food Costs Less Than Fruits and Vegetables - Are We Surprised?

I refuse to accept this! Whether it’s out of semi-informed rebellion or simple delusion, I’m not sure yet.

Weight Loss Made Easy: How Much Does it Cost to Lose Ten Pounds?

Atkins Diet: $402.08
Jenny Craig: $550.60
Knowing you can keep track yourself for free: priceless.
(Thanks to Consumerist for the link.)

(Photo courtesy of Daniellegifts.com, which is very cute.)

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