Thursday, January 31, 2008

CHG Favorites of the Week: Super Bowl Edition

Blog of the Week
A giant among cooking blogs, Slashfood summarizes nearly every bit of food news from around the web in a smart, funny way. What’s more, there are recipes galore for all kinds of diet. This week’s entries are focusing on Giants/Pats, so if you get the chance…

Comedy of the Week
Bill Swerksi’s Superfans - SNL
In which Mike Myers, Chris Farley, George Wendt, and Robert Smigel answer the eternal question: in a fight, could Mike Ditka beat a hurricane, also named Mike Ditka? Whether you’re a fan of da Bullsss or da Bearsss, this is classic, sausage-soaked SNL. Michael Jordan, at the height of his career, looks on wonder.

Organization of the Week
National Football League Players Association
Gridiron guys receive a lot of recognition for their work on the field. Off the field, it’s different story, and maybe the much greater one. The NFLPA (a.k.a. the players union) asks their members to support, represent, and volunteer for several charities, including the Boys and Girls Club, Feed the Children, and the NEA. The site has more, plus details on a gaggle of year-round fundrasiers. (Bonus extra: Peyton Manning spoofed this on SNL last year. Hilarious.)

Quote of the Week
“When your Super Bowl guests arrive, they should find a mound of potato chips large enough to conceal a pony sitting in front of the television. For nutritional balance, you should also put out a bowl of carrot sticks. If you have no carrot sticks, you can use pinecones, or used electrical fuses, because nobody will eat them anyway. This is no time for nutritional balance: This is the Super Bowl, for God's sake.” – Dave Barry

Tip of the Week
(We interrupt our regularly scheduled cheap, healthy tip for a public service announcement.) If you’re serving alcohol at your Super Bowl party (and really, who isn’t?), think about sticking to beer and/or closing the bar before the fourth quarter. It will give everyone a little bit of time to sober up before the drive home. Needless to say, if anyone’s too drunk to get behind a wheel, handcuff her/him to your couch. (This has been a public service announcement. Have a safe and happy Super Bowl.)

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
This suggestion comes from reader Angie, who digs its easy prep and swell taste. It looks dang good, and will probably entice a lot of anti-hummus sticklers to take the dive. Touchdown, yo.

Video of the Week (Football/Food Division)
“All My Rowdy Friends (Are Coming Over Tonight)” by Hank Williams Jr. “Monday Night Football Theme” by Hank Williams Jr.
The first song is a rollicking country tune about having a barbecue with the buds. The second song, based on the first one, imprinted “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBAAAAAAALL?” on my brain, probably for life.

(Photos courtesy of and Flickr member psd.)

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