Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guest Post From Rachel, The CHG Gourmet: Technical Difficulties

Oh, sweet CHG friends and readers and readerly friends, I promise (promise!) I had four posts all lined up for you.

They were about dal (a delicious lentil side dish with a slightly spicy edge), cassoulet (a hearty, French, chicken/sausage/bean stew with great depth of flavor), chicken tagine (moist, cumin-y, North African-style chicken), and my fail-safe dessert, mini apple pies (which is like having several apple pies, but mini-er).

Each one had pretty (or, given my photo-taking skills, mediocre) pictures and nutritional/financial breakdowns and such. They were just waiting there on my desktop, begging me to post them, or at very least, back them up.

And then, my aged, finicky, wheezing iMac blew a gasket and I lost everything. The weird thing is, I normally back everything up twice over; why these posts escaped their alloted destination on my jump drive, I can only ascribe to fate, kismet or Steve Jobs-based sabotage.

The ol' girl's getting some R-and-R right now, but it looks like the data's gone. I'll do my best to shoot a recipe your way tomorrow, but until then, please enjoy one of my favorite sketches from the long-since defunct Dana Carvey Show:

Waiters Who Are Nauseated By Food
(starring baby-faced Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert)

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Krista said...

Oh no! Please, please, please post the cassoulet as soon as you can! My dream is to find a cassoulet that won't kill me!

Hops said...

That's a damn shame. I was looking forward to reading some recipes that I would never in a million years have the skill or ambition to cook. For serious. Hope your mac is ok!

Kris said...

Thanks, krista and hops! Alas, the Mac looks like it's toast--Tekserve'll give me a better idea of the damage over the weekend weekend--but I'll be sure to get some highfalutin/low-in-fat(in) recipes your way, soon.

Rachel, standing in for Kris