Thursday, February 7, 2008

CHG Favorites of the Week

(Voting is open until tomorrow for Culinate’s Death by Chocolate contest. Thank you to everyone who’s put in a good word!)

Blog of the Week
The Pioneer Woman Cooks
From Ree, creator of the wildly popular Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, comes this gorgeously designed cooking site with the drooliest pictures this side of Smitten Kitchen. Beyond the food, the writing rocks and the step-by-step instructions (with accompanying photos, natch) are incredibly helpful. Also? Her. Kitchen. Is. So. Pretty. (*drowns in own envy*)

Food Comedy of the Week
“Weekend Plans” by Riegel & Blatt
In which two married dudes recount how life has changed since waving arrivederci to their roaring twenties. Included: brunch, wine, and farmers market. This is kind of my life, only much funnier and with trips to Gymboree.

Organization of the Week
Food Gatherers
Based in Ann Arbor and ranked fourth among all philanthropies by Charity Navigator, Food Gatherers … well, I’ll let them tell you: “exists to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community by: reducing food waste through the rescue and distribution of perishable and non perishable food; coordinating with other hunger relief providers; educating the public about hunger; and developing new food resources.” Aces.

Quote of the Week
“I like to use 'I Can't Believe it's Not Butter' on my toast in the morning, because sometimes when I eat breakfast, I like to be incredulous. ‘How was breakfast?’ ‘Unbelievable.’” – Demetri Martin

Tip of the Week
This may seem basic (“duh”) to some and totally foreign (“wha?”) to others, but here goes. Whenever The Boyfriend, our housemates or I finish food that comes in plastic containers (parmesan cheese, Chinese food, drywall, etc.), we wash ‘em out and use ‘em as Tupperware. They’re stellar for taking lunch to work, storing food, and sending friends home with leftovers, and we don’t have to pay for new stuff, ever. (P.S. We don’t eat drywall. Often.)

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week

Kairee Raisu at A Good American Wife
New mom Anne whips up a hearty meat-and-potatoes meal with a nifty, curry-soaked Japanese twist. Domo arigato.

Video of the Week
“Eggs and Sausage” by Tom Waits
Armed with the gravelliest of rasps and the smoothest sax solo since Clarence Clemons put lips to reed, Tom Waits trips the graveyard shift fantastic. You may never swing by another diner at 1am without hearing it in your head.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr member mamabrarian and eBay member southern.hodgepodge)

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Zac said...

If you're re-using plastic, make sure you read this:

The really interesting stuff is on pages 2 and 3.

'Although #1 PETE is one of the most commonly recycled types, there are no containers designed for re-use made from it.'

'While a "microwave-safe" or "microwavable" label on plastic containers only means that they shouldn't melt, crack or fall apart when used in the microwave, the label is no guarantee that containers don't leach chemicals into foods when heated. ... For safety's sake, it's best not to heat foods in plastic.'

Kris said...

Zac, that's a great point, and one I'll make sure to reiterate in tomorrow's post. Thank you!