Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks: Primary Edition

Oh, man. Just a ton of links today. But first:

1) Stephanie at Stop the Ride was kind enough to tag me with the Excellent Blog Award, which I’m passing on to the following:
Casual Kitchen
Dabbles with Apples
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Get Fit Slowly
Zen Habits

2) I’m in a contest! And not a speedeating one, either. A wonderful, as-yet-unknown-to-me reader nominated CHG for Culinate’s Death by Chocolate blogging challenge. Whichever blogger receives the most votes gets to go to Napa Valley, where he/she will O.D. on chocolate and wine. (Some people have the American Dream. I dream about overdosing on cocoa and cabernet.) There’s a link to Death by Chocolate at the bottom right of this page. If you have the time and/or the inclination, a vote for CHG would be neato. (And thank YOU, as-yet-unknown reader!)

And with that, the links!

BBC: Good food ‘boosts earning power’
Not only will healthy eating make you smarter, taller, and prettier, but now it will make you richer, too. This stuff is magic.

Being Frugal: Saving Money on Groceries
Nice breakdown of three major online coupon sites: The Grocery Game, Coupon Mom and My Grocery Deals. Lynnae’s sticking with TGG for now, but might switch teams in the future.

Biblical Womanhood: Time Management and Bargain Hunting
Crystal feeds her family of four on $35 a week. Here, she recounts how she does it without blowing hours on the ‘net searching for deals, thus leaving her kids to parent themselves. Her advice: start small, yo.

Chow: Is There a Difference Between Brown Eggs and White Eggs?
Short answer: nope. Unless you're dyeing Easter eggs. Then it gets tricky.

Chow: Obese People Not Served Here
I realize this piece of legislation isn’t meant to become law, but still - it’s a tiny bit overboard. The resulting message isn’t, “There needs to be more attention paid to the obesity issue,” but rather, “Making heavy folks feel even worse about themselves will cause them to change.” Boo.

FatFree Vegan: Oatmeal – It’s What’s for Breakfast
Admittedly, I’ve never tried steel-cut oats before. After reading this post, I’m ready to convert for life. Check out the recipe for Cherry Pie Oats and try to keep from drooling.

Festival of Frugality #111: Being Frugal
Lynnae brings some Super Bowlian flavor to this week’s Festival (which is awesome, natch), and names Cheap Healthy Good as the MVP Wide Receiver. Sweet! (I AM PLAXICO.) Also worth checking out are Early Retirement Extreme’s How to Downsize Your Kitchen (good for us apartment dwellers) and Raw Food is Easier on the Budget over at Raw Food Blog.

Get Fit Slowly: Nine Ways to a Longer Life
JD summarizes Consumer Reports' 2008 study on tried-and-true ways to maintain your vim and vigor. Ol’ faithfuls like “don’t smoke” and “exercise” make the list, but newer additions like “consider vitamin D” and “eat colorful produce” get face time as well.

Make it from Scratch Festival #50: Stop the Ride
Stephanie takes on the MifS Festival as it reaches the half-century mark. A ton of good recipes in here, along with crafty-type stuff for you crafty types.

Mill Musings: Surviving and Thriving on $20 or Less Per Week Grocery Budget
You will be gobsmacked at what Kendra can do with $20. I can’t even fit that much food into my cabinets. (Thanks to Frugal Hacks for the link.)

Neatorama: 10 Diets You Probably Want to Avoid
Oranges, books, underwear - all totally delicious, but not often found on the everyday menu. It’s a shame, too, because quite a few folks survived precarious situations by snacking on ‘em.

New York Times: Dip Once or Dip Twice
Conclusive proof that double dipping is a crime against nature.

SAHMmy Says: Tips on Providing Meals for New Moms
My friends and family are spawning like salmon on fertility drugs, so this post comes at a great time. Excellent advice from someone who’s been on both sides of the casserole fence. (Which is not actually a fence made of casserole.)

(Photos courtesy of Flickr members Roadsidepictures and greefus groinks.)

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Wow, what an awesome compilation of reading material. And congrats on the E bling!

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Kris! Thanks for sharing the "E"!

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PS: I once went 30 days without chocolate as a test of willpower--it was the worst and dumbest thing I've ever done.