Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Madame X at My Open Wallet has an ongoing series called New York Stories, in which Big Apple residents describe the specifics of their financial situations. She was kind enough to post my entry as lucky #13. If you get the chance, take a look, and/or browse at the 12 other mini-biographies. Taken together, they’re a pretty accurate representation of what it’s like to survive and thrive (and eat – don’t forget the eating) in the city. And with that ...

A Calorie Counter: The Beginner's Guide To Diet, Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Wow. Just a superb, easily digestible (haw) breakdown of basic dietary requirements for those looking to get on a more nutritional track. Thanks to Lifehacker for the link.

Culinate: Eyes wide shut – A look at America’s food inspection agencies
Ever wonder what the USDA and FDA actually do? Here’s the slightly disturbing answer, complete with obligatory rumbles over underfunding. In light of the recent beef contamination scare, this is a solid, timely read.

Eater: The Golden Clog 2008 Nominees Announced!
Eat your heart out, Oscars. Anthony Bourdain and Michael Ruhlman concocted their very own awards show, in which they alone determined the winners. (Over Bloody Marys, natch.) The victors were revealed this past weekend, but I'm posting the nominee link because you SHOULD NOT MISS Bourdain’s breakdown of the odds from last week. Excerpt: “Mario Himself was committed to present his namesake award, yet cancelled for a golf date with Jimmy Buffet. Really. I feel like I've been jilted for Kenny Loggins."

Festival of Frugality #114: No Credit Needed

This week’s leviathan is hosted by NCN and includes CHG’s post on branding and a really neat entry on the musical fruit from Squawkfox.

Gothamist: Baking Substitutions
Running out of brown sugar? Can’t find any buttermilk? Accidentally flushed a gallon of molasses down the toilet, thinking it would make cool swirly patterns in the bowl? This is the post for you. Thanks to Lifehacker for the link.

The Kitchn: Lemon Roasted Chicken – Lemon Inside or Out?
When there’s citrus and poultry involved, everybody wins. Well, except the chicken.

The Martha Blog: Feast your eyes on our prop room!
That sound you hear is my jaw dropping out of my face and crushing all my toes. I’ve never seen that much silver in my life, and am in the process of developing a severe case of Cake Stand Envy. (Now an actual disease!) Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.

Mom Advice: The Art of Stockpiling
Excellent piece on the Amy Dacyczyn’s time-tested, mom-approved Pantry Theory, which makes Einstein's Theory of Relativity look like baby drool in comparison. Thanks to Chief Family Officer for the link.

Paid Twice: The First Month on the Meal Plan
Due to her husband’s brand spankin’ new dietary restrictions, PT’s had to rework how she cooks and buys groceries. Oy. That can’t be fun. Here’s an update on her progress.

Washington Post: 36 Quick Soups
Three dozen warm, inviting bowls for everyday dinner. Thanks to reader Jennifer for the suggestion. (Note: you might need to sign in to view the article, but it’s worth it.)

Zen Habits: A 12-Step Program to Eating Healthier Than Ever Before

Man, I love this blog. Such a deliberate, calm approach to everything. This particularly stellar post could be Leo’s best ever. (Well, nutritionally speaking, anyway.)

(Photos courtesy of Flickr member BohPhoto, Oregon State, and Cumberland Books.)

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Squawkfox said...

Thank you so much for tooting my horn with my keener beaner article! :)

VixenOnABudget said...

Good ol' Anthony Bourdain... always knows how to please a lady. :-D

Madame X said...

Thanks for the link. I had to laugh at that thing about flushing molasses down the toilet-- I've actually done that and it was a disaster! It definitely does not make cool swirly patterns. The cold water makes it really thick and it goes NOWHERE. I had to reach in with gloves on and scoop it all out again!
(Why did I flush a whole jar of molasses down the toilet? Because I had only bought it for the cool package and after a while I was afraid the tin would start to leak...)