Saturday, March 29, 2008

Comments of the Week: The WAM Edition

Gigantic apologies for neglecting this last week. See, there were eggs and ham and a bunny and … never mind. I have no excuses. In contrition, this week’s Comment section has been super-sized. Keep reading for thoughts on the Pope, confrontation, food TV, and of course, Women Against Moist.

On Tuesday Megalinks (re: ruminating on the pope)
  • Jen: does he watch his daytime pope operas? rinse out his mouth with spope? use his can popener?

On Touchy Subjects: Confronting Loved Ones about Weight and Money

  • English Major: I am firmly in the camp that there is never a good reason to "intervene" in someone's weight stuff other than concern that the person in question has an undiagnosed eating disorder. Otherwise? They know already, and their choices are theirs. Money is a little different, though, I think, because I think many money troubles are genuinely related to a lack of information.

  • Anonymous: All of your ideas sound spot on except for the part where in the end you cannot fix anyone. They have to fix themselves. Just make sure they know that if they ever decide to work on that area of themselves, you will be there to help. (Some people are better motivated to work on themselves alone, and then to surprise their friends with their results.)

  • Stacking Pennies: People generally do know when they are overweight/unhealthy. I don't think a conversation would help. (the same thought applies to smokers. They know it is unhealthy and expensive, they know I wish they would quit because I love them... what does me telling them do?)

  • Milena: I would add Do Seek Professional Help if problems get out of hand. It might give you the perspective you need to stay out of the situation, or the support to intervene appropriately. Also Do Create and Stick To Boundaries, if someone else's life choices interfere with yours, you can find the ways to keep your sanity and the relationship by maintaining boundaries.

  • Anonymous #2: I think the biggest piece of advice I can give is to continue taking care of yourself and in the end recognize that adults make their own choices and must live with the consequences of those choices. It is good to express concerns, but in the end, you have to be strong enough to tell the truth and set your limits. Don't let a loved one's problems suck all the life and joy out of your own marriage/job/daily life. This is a hard balance to achieve with people you love.

On Free Cooking Lessons Part II: A Beginner’s Guide to TV Chefs

  • Jaime: Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller (Food Network) - This show annoys me to no end. The recipes and menu planning is actually decent, but I think it's godawful TV, and it's just not worth it. (I know, this isn't about watchability as much as learnability, but I have trouble learning when I'm trying to poke her eyes out with a fork.)

  • Paid Twice: If you think Rachael Ray is annoying, Neely woman is way worse. Food to get yourself a man! This is food to get your man! And the husband just simpers. The food might have been good but I spent most of the show wanting to punch her so I didn't notice.

  • Auntcy1: Sara Moulton … has a new show on, I think the Discovery Channel, you can find the info on her website.

  • Liz: Mark Bittman's PBS show is more of a travelogue; fun and somewhat educational to watch but not much instruction going on. I love his How to Cook Everything book, though.

  • Julia: I've seen PartyLine with the Hearty boys, and while they make some good food, they tend to bicker which I find annoying. If that doesn't bother you, you might like it.

  • Cindee: I find Simply Delicioso simply hateful. She is more annoying than Rachael Ray and her cooking is very semi-homemade. Bittman is terrific. Nigella's foodgasm style is just over the top now. Her old show was much better.I like Robin Miller too. She's soothing. Her theme song, however is like a bad sitcom opener.

  • Arkay: Nigella Lawson of Nigella Feasts and other various shows: when given an opportunity to watch an attractive, self deprecating British woman with a lovely round bottom cook while wearing a silk robe, I TAKE IT. Her food is easy, and my go to food for those nights we are trying to make a quick or simple, but delicious, meal for friends.

  • Chocoholic: On the shows you haven't seen, Jamie at Home is great! I love it. I've made two things from the show so far. It's good if you enjoy looking for fresh ingredients but sometimes you may need to look up what he says on a British slang glossery.

  • Marcia: I like the Take Home Chef (Curtis Stone). He's cute, fun to watch, but I've never been tempted to make his recipes.

  • Anonymous: PBS has a show called New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad that I love. He's is like a younger, clumsier, but no less enthusiastic Alton Brown. As for Paula Dean, I love her show. The loopier she is, the better she is. I always assumed she had a bottomless Mint Julep just off camera.

On It's Moist: Alex’s Slightly Altered Light Chicken and Mushroom Marsala

  • Jody: Eew, I hate the word "moist" more than the words "blouse" and "panties". Who knows why.

  • Jody #2: I HATE the word moist … my whole family mocks me for it and make jokes that include all the gross words I hate strung together - one of their favorites being "moist panties" - could you just gag all over the place???

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Rina Larina said...

I get harassed all the time by the people that know how much I despise the words 'moist' and 'panties'.

And yes, I get people saying 'moist panties' to me, too.

Ms Meghan said...

I have nothing but pure, seething, hatred for Sandra Lee and especially Robin Miller.

Their "shortcuts" take a lot of the joy and skill out of food and cooking. Not to mention Sandra Lee uses instant pudding/gelatin and Cool Whip on a regular basis. Cool Whip isn't real by any stretch of the imagination! And it's probably worse for you than regular home-made whipped cream!

I don't like Robin Miller for many similar reasons (although she has a godawful theme song) however one thing that particular bothers me is that she has shown dangerously uncooked meat as a finished product. I understand that television isn't real, but to show turkey burgers being "done" when they are mostly pink in the middle is terrible and HAZARDOUS.

I enjoy (grudgingly) Bobby Flay, Mario Batali (and his willingness to have drag queens on his show), Ina, Giada (again, grudgingly and despite her horse teeth), Nigella, Alton Brown (because I'm a nerd), Jamie Oliver, and Tyler Florence.

I miss Wayne Harley Brachman and wish there was a kosher cooking show because damn if Food Network doesn't love their pork.

jody said...

we need to stand together against such harassment!! :)

Julia said...

I love your comments of the week posts. Please keep them coming. I love starting off the morning with a good laugh.