Friday, March 7, 2008

Honey-Glazed Roasted Carrots, Simon-Style

My biggest guilty pleasure (besides the film canon of Drew Barrymore) is a semi-addiction to American Idol. I've loved it since Season 2, and this year is no different. I'm totally digging on Amanda Overmyer’s beery Janis vibe, want to squeeze David Archuleta to pieces, and do a happy little cheer whenever Carly Smithson aces a Heart song. Plus, anytime Kelly Clarkson pops up in my iPod, I LISTEN, no matter how much I believe I only like bands signed to Sub Pop. (Also? I’m 12.)

In honor of that show, I’d like to describe my slightly adjusted version of Bon Appetit’s Honey-Glazed Roasted Carrots in the manner of each of the judges.

Yo, yo, yo dawg, listen up - this sauce BRANG IT! I was worried about the carrots at first, but yeah, I feel ‘em. I feel ‘em. They ended up working with each other, dawg. Yo, did you know I played bass for the magazine that created this recipe? That's right, dawg! YEAH!

The carrots … they’re all the colors of the rainbow. And the sauce … it transcends time and space, and I love way it feels and looks around my neck, and … oh, I loved it. Because, it didn’t need sparkles or fairies. It just was. It was a purple waterfall that God could smell in heaven. It just was … and I knew it from the moment I saw it. Rainbows. God bless.

Paula … I have no idea what you just said. But … I must say … that … was … ABSOLUTELY … brilliant. I LOVED it. The honey and balsamic were COMPLETELY unexpected, and the carrots, ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS. It is 100% going to be made next week. Also, Ryan Seacrest – your tie is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL.

KRIS (Note: not really an A.I. judge)
The sauce alone, man – I could drink it as a shake. I could pour it on cereal. I could use it as shampoo. It rendered me illiterate, or at least somewhat non-verbal. And with the carrots? It even transcends that. Roasting them brings out their natural sweetness, which is only magnified by el Glaze-o. Nicely done.

With that said, I should mention that I think my fat and calorie estimates are kind of high, since a lot of the oil gets left in the bowl and on the cookie sheet.

I should also mention that Bon Appetit’s recipe included parsnips, and I’m sure that would go beautifully in here as well.

Oh yeah - and I NEED to mention that Jason Castro is 100% completely the kind of guy I would have swooned for when I was 20, white-kid dreads and all. (I didn't say I was proud.)

Finally, I should mention … the recipe! (Go Carly!)

Honey-Glazed Roasted Carrots
Makes 3 servings.
Adapted from Epicurious/Bon Appetit.

1 lb. carrots (1/2 to 1 inches in diameter), peeled, halved lengthwise
1-1/2 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper

1/2 tablespoons butter
1/2 tablespoons honey
1/3 teaspoon balsamic vinegar

1) Preheat oven to 400°F and place rack in center.

2) Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. In a medium bowl, mix carrots, olive oil, salt, and pepper until carrots have been thoroughly doused.

3) Roast vegetables 16 minutes, stirring once halfway through. Roast 5 more minutes, or until carrots are "tender enough to be easily pierced with a knife." (You can prep this an hour or two ahead, which I did this past Thanksgiving. Just cover loosely with aluminum foil and warm it in the oven for about 10 minutes before serving.)

3) In a small saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. (Do not let brown.) Add honey and vinegar. Stir. Pour over carrots. Serve.

Approximate Calories, Fat, and Price per Serving
150 calories, 9 g fat, $0.39

1 lb. carrots: 186 calories, 1.1 g fat, $0.89
1-1/2 tablespoons olive oil: 179 calories, 20.2 g fat, $0.12
Salt and pepper: negligible calories and fat, $0.02
1/2 tablespoons butter: 51 calories, 5.8 g fat, $0.05
1/2 tablespoons honey: 32 calories, 0 g fat, $0.05
1/3 teaspoon balsamic vinegar: 1 calorie, 0 g fat, $0.02
TOTAL: 449 calories, 27.1 g fat, $1.16
PER SERVING (TOTAL/3): 150 calories, 9 g fat, $0.39

(Randy/Paula/Simon photos courtesy of eonline.)

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Nanette said...

This recipe (including the parsnips) has become a standard on my Christmas menu! It's always a big hit and somebody always "discovers" that they like parsnips.

Kacie said...

Hahahha I love it! I enjoy American Idol too--and you have those judges pegged!

Jaime said...

Hmm... I usually don't like cooked carrots... wonder if this would work with parsnips? Or maybe I'll just make the glaze in a milkshake.

Hops said...

American Idol? Remember when I said I loved the stuff that comes out of your brain? Nevermind.

Carrots look fantastic, though. Your photos are getting noticibly better.

Katie Gregg said...

LOL, loved it. :) The carrots sounds good, too. I make honey-glazed carrots all the time, but would never have thought to use balsamic vinegar.

Saille said...

Funniest blog post I have read in a long time. Here I thought my friend Kym and I were the only people who imitated the Idol judges. Silly me. Sending her your way.

Stephanie Manley said...

These are beautiful! I look forward to trying your recipe. I usually use rice wine vinegr.