Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Chief Family Officer: Review – Skinny Songs
A CD full of songs specifically written to help you lose weight? I’m torn on this, because a good mix will undoubtedly motivate, but a bad one would kill all propensity to work out again, ever. While we’re on the subject, my favorite exercise albums:
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits
Pixies – Surfer Rosa
The Killers – Hot Fuss
The Replacements – Tim
Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose

Consumerist: Get Out Your $#%@# Checkbook! Here Comes "Food Inflation"
Yarg. Is the recession official yet? Because this would seem to go under the “Yes” list. As the great Mrs. D once said, “Crappé.”

The Culinary Review: 10 Meals for Under $1 per Serving
THAT’S what I’m talking about. AND in a stunning twist, I think Paula Deen's Butternut Squash Soup might be healthier than Alton Brown's Mac and Cheese. The apocalypse must be nigh.

Festival of Frugality #116: Green Panda Treehouse
GPT does up this week's FoF with an architecture theme, and CHG's Food, Finance, and Personal Responsibility post is among the entries.

Frugal Dad: How to Build a Square Foot Garden
Man, this seems like a great idea for folks with limited yard space and/or a high concentration of Styrofoam in their soil (*cough*). Lynnae over at Being Frugal is trying it out, too. Stay tuned.

Healthbolt: What Happens to Your Body if You Drink a Coke Right Now?
AUGH! At 60 minutes: “You’ve also now, literally, pissed away all the water that was in the Coke. But not before infusing it with valuable nutrients your body could have used for things like even having the ability to hydrate your system or build strong bones and teeth.” Thanks to Slashfood for the link.

The Kitchn: The Best (and Worst) Foods to Eat While Reading

I’m gonna have to disagree with soup as a good reading food, since the potential for page spillage is high, but this is pretty astute (and handy!) otherwise.

Lifehacker: Your Best Money-Saving Kitchen Tips?
Inspired by 25 Money-Saving Kitchen Tips over at Frugal Vegan, Lifehacker denizens come up with their own extensive list of cash conservation tricks. Is there anything Lifehacker can’t do? (Call me! *wink*)
Ooo - check out the Mile High Chai recipe at The Cole Mine. It looks delicious and it's fun to say. Gonna have to try that one out.

Monsters and Critics: A Chat with Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio
Exhaustive interview with the top dogs of Top Chef, wherein we learn the following: Padma loves eating, Colicchio loves Fresh Direct, and the show is really, really hard.

More evidence of a recession: “Everywhere, the cost of food is rising sharply. Whether the world is in for a long period of continued increases has become one of the most urgent issues in economics. Many factors are contributing to the rise, but the biggest is runaway demand. In recent years, the world’s developing countries have been growing about 7 percent a year, an unusually rapid rate by historical standards.”

Wise Bread: 21 Great Uses for Beer
Beersicles, anyone?

(Photos courtesy of perrific.com, Flickr member alvy, and film.com.)

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pumpkininrecovery said...

I love reading what you post and always enjoy the wide range of items in your Tuesday Megalinks posts. But your inclusion of the Culinary Review 10 Meals link gave me pause. Do people really consider those "dishes" MEALS? Who eats just twice baked potatoes or potato pancakes at a meal? Where's the protein? The veggies?

Kris said...

Pumpkin, that's a good point. I think it depends on your budget, age, etc. While I don't think the Garbanzo Bean Soup would completely sate me now, it would have been more than enough in college, when my nutritional knowledge was both gigantically lacking and dependent on my Donut Shop paycheck. Different strokes, I guess. Thank you for writing!

English Major said...

Pumpkin, as a 24-year-old living and cooking on a reasonably hardcore budget, I rarely, if ever, do side dishes beyond the quick and easy "some dressed greens in a bowl" option (in the winter, anyway). If I were feeling kind of indulgent and had had solid lean protein at breakfast and lunch, I'd eat one of those potatoes for dinner--sure would. I might add the dressed greens, and maybe a coddled egg over them if I were hungrier. But I'm working my way up to side dishes, and I find that most of what matters to the way I feel is the sum total of a day, not that every meal be a perfect macronutrient balance.

English Major said...

(But I might still sub my favorite workhorse, 2% Greek yogurt, for the sour cream, for extra protein and less fat.)

The Cole Mine said...

Thanks for the link!

Love your blog and will be visiting often!

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks for the mention, Kris! I had such a hard time believing that the CD wouldn't be cheesy, but it really is surprisingly well done.