Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks: The Jayhawks Edition

Like a three-pointer at the buzzer, this week’s links will win your heart and make people from Tennessee feel bad. Congrats, Kansas!

Being Frugal: When Times are Tight - 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch
Whoa, nelly. Lynnae’s hit the motherlode. This is basically every personal finance/frugality blog, wrapped in a single post with pretty paper and a big, fat bow. Three woots!

Carnival of Personal Finance #147: MoneyNing
Longest. Carnival. Ever. Set an hour or two aside to peruse, and you’ll never have to read another money book again. (Until next week.)

CNN: Tasty tricks for cutting fat, calories from recipes
Quick and dirty article about lighter substitutes for oil, butter, etc. Has anyone ever tried the canned-pumpkin-for-vegetable-oil trick? Spill, por favor.

Consumerist Conglomerist: 5 Helpful Grocery Shopping Tips
Oh, Consumerist – you saucy minx. I do adore a good April Fool’s Day jest.

Consumerist: Walmart Shoppers Feeling the Pain When Buying Groceries
The post is short and to the point, but the comments – oh, the comments. There were 123 at last glance, and they waver between “I just sold my grandma for a loaf of bread,” and “I made soup out of my sofa last week and my family of 12 was completely satisfied.” Good times.

Festival of Frugality #120: A Penny Saved
If the FoF had rides and game booths, what would they be? I'm thinking a Wall Street Roller Coaster and the Milk Bottle Game, where the prize is the bottles themselves, so you can go home and repurpose them.

Get Fit Slowly: Bill Would Make it Illegal to Feed the Obese
Who’s Bill? And why is he being so mean? (Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. Please tip your waiters.)

Lifehacker: Five Fast-Food Restaurants to Feel Good About
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Chipotle’s barbacoa burritos are manna.
Please order me 42.

Make it From Scratch Festival: My So Called Me
Jenny’s rounds up the week’s best recipes and crafts from across the web, while her blog title makes me think blissfully back to the days when Angela Chase had this huge crush on Jordan Catalano, but Rayanne Graff totally betrayed her trust by doin’ it with him! Don’t cry Angela – Brian Krakow still loves you.

Metafilter: The Perfect Meatloaf
67 comments and counting, and the consensus seems to be some combination of: meat (duh), oatmeal (!), eggs, pepper, A1/worcestershire sauce, ketchup and bacon. To quote Mr. Burns, "Excellent."

New York Times: Some Good News on Food Prices
Some are arguing that higher processed meal costs are gonna level the playing field for organic and other healthy-type edibles. I’m not sure about that, but it’s certainly nice to think about.

Re-nest: 27 Household Uses for Citrus Fruit
#28: Throwing at a sibling’s head during a fight over the remote. (Not that it ever happened growing up, MY SISTER L.)

Sara Moulton: Sara’s Weeknight Meals
New series! Starring Sara! On PBS! Did anyone just see me do a pirouette? Because I totally did.

Serious Eats: What’s Your Best Low-Cal Recipe? and How Can ANYONE Afford to Travel and Eat?
Nice comment corral on two very CHG-esque subjects. I really love the S.E. commenters in general, though. They’re informed and eloquent, which beats out the everyday “LOL!!! You SUK!” stuff you see on YouTube.

Slashfood: A book club for foodies? A lip-smacking idea
Oh, what a neat idea. Anybody interested?

(Photos courtesy of KU, KUSports.com, and Getty Images.)

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Jaime said...

Canned pumpkin for oil, eh? I've never tried that, but I've got a box of brownie mix (don't ask) and am *never* without canned pumpkin. (I have a can of squash that's not ancient yet, but for some reason, it frightens me. But pumpkin and cottage cheese is a go-to snacky meal.) Hmm. I'm not usually afraid of oil, but pumpkiny brownies sounds really good. I've used apple sauce to replace some oil in baking before, but pumpkin has so much more flavor. If I can find anything close to a suitable baking dish, I will report back!

[Okay, I have to confess. I bought the on-sale brownie mix because I've been craving No-Pudge brownies and can't find the mix ANYWHERE. So I was curious if regular brownie mix worked the same. (2 T mix, 1 T yogurt, microwave, delish.) Answer: IT DOES NOT.]

lynnae said...

Thanks for the mention!

LN- Nickers and Ink said...

OK, I confess. I think I tried the citrus fruit slinging thing.

Now I feel much better.

Nickers and Ink

LS said...

I knew I liked your blog- but as a KU alum who's been buzzing all day, thanks for the shout out! Rock chalk and keep the cheap healthy goodness coming!

Jaime said...

In hopes of getting some pumpkin flavor, I replaced all 2/3 c of oil with pumpkin puree. Used 2 eggs and 1/4 c water as directed. I've never made applesauce-for-oil brownies, so I don't have a lot to compare - I also am a novice brownie maker - and this might just be lame brownie mix, but they're not impressive. (Or pumpkiny!) Flat, dense, sticky, yet still sorta dry. Definitely not fudgey. As batter they were tasty, but now there's something gummy about them that's very wrong. Half oil half pumpkin probably would've worked better.

The pumpkin puree replacement saved about 1300 calories for the whole batch. The box says 20 servings - 15 worked better for me. Not sure if these 150-calorie brownies are worth it, though.

Kris said...

Jaime! It's good that there was no definite pumpkin flavor, and that it didn't overwhelm the fudge too much. I bet the oil/puree thing would work, though. Hm...

Kristine said...

There's a WW recipe that uses a box cake mix and a can of pumpkin to make muffins. My favorite is devil's food... makes the nicest chocalatey fiber-filled muffins!! Haven't tried other pumpkin swaps yet, though I think WW has some more recipes with it...