Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks: Longest. Ever. Edition.

Oh my gosh, there were so many good posts this week. It was difficult to get them all in and make this less than a a 30,000-word, Dostoyevsky-type tome, so I kept the commentary to a minimum. Behold!

AM New York: New York waiter's worst nightmare? Europeans
Ah, tipping. Different the world over. I tried tipping a bartender in Dublin once, and she almost decapitated me with her eyes. (Thanks to Eater for the link.)

60 in 3: Rule #1 of Healthy Eating – The Variety Counts Rule
Oh man, is this ever true. Salad only goes so far. (Thanks to Get Fit Slowly for the link.)

Being Frugal: Grocery Shopping for a Month and Month of Menus – Recipe Links
To combat rising gas and food prices, shoppers like Lynnae are cutting down on their trips to the supermarket. Look and learn, my sweets!

Chow: Drinking While Pregnant
“Should the partner of a pregnant woman give up drinking as a gesture of support?” My heart says yes, but my "take pity on the men" lobe says no.

Consumerist: America’s Most Unhealthy Drinks Exposed
Dude. Jamba Juice? Just have a chocolate sundae instead.

Consumerist: Now It’s Serious – Shrink Ray Hits Beer

Culinate: Feeding the Allergic

The Digerati Life: Cutting Food Costs – Consumers Switch to Spam
Hm, after reading this, I believe I’ll have and order of spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, beaked beans, spam, spam, spam, and spam. Lovely!

Frugal Hacks: Cheerful Frugality Cooks Breakfast
Lots of nifty links to wholesome day-starters. Meredith rules. (Again.)

Get Fit Slowly: Food, Drink and Decadence – How the French Stay Thin
Cheese? Wine? Chocolate? ALL THE TIME? Yarg. This is way more infuriating than that Jerry Lewis thing.

Get Rich Slowly: How to Make Your Own Small-Batch Strawberry Jam
Nice! JD’s wife Kris (love the name) is getting busy with some pectin. Hm. That sounds way lewder than I meant it to.

Get Rich Slowly: Unit Pricing – Get More Food for Less Money
Super guest-post breakdown on the wonders of math. Seriously kids, stay in school.

Gothamist: A Night of Food and Feting: The 2008 James Beard Awards
The Night of 1000 Cooking Stars! And Kim Cattrall.

Health Assist: The See-Food Diet
I’ve seen these before, but this is the best pictoral representation of 300-calorie foods yet. Definitely worth a look. (Thanks to Get Fit Slowly for the link.)

The Kitchn: Cooking Without Recipes - Understanding Flavor
Witness the roundess! Observe the mid notes! BEHOLD THE UMAMI!

The Kitchn: What Was the Best Wedding Meal You Ever Had?
Absolutely mouth-watering. Incidentally, the best was a six-foot sushi, shrimp and crab bar at my friend J’s wedding. I dream of it like, every night.

Martha Stewart Living: 10 Takes on Potato Salad
PHENOMENAL POTATO POWER! Itty bitty mayonnaise. (Thanks to The Kitchn for the link.)

MSNBC: Joy’s Fit Club
I am a total, 100% wuss for Before-and-After weight loss stories. Seriously, these people are inspiring. Check out the One Family’s Mission entry, and I swear you’ll want to be adopted by them.

New York Magazine: The 100-Cereal Taste Test
Did you ever notice how some cereals look like rabbit food? Or rabbit poop? Just sayin’.

New York Times: Finding the Hits, Avoiding the Errors
The best ballpark food from around the country. Note: Avoid Yankee Stadium pretzels at all cost. They’re mass-produced by Satan.

New York Times: Recipe Deal Breakers: When Step 2 Is ‘Corral Pig’
How complicated does a recipe have to get before you’re all like, “Forget this. I’m getting Chinese”?

Serious Eats: Ed Levine’s Serious Diet
Food writer/lover/conqueror shares his best tips for eating well. Hint: bananas are involved.

Serious Eats: Favorite summer food – now and from childhood
Oo! Oo! Freezer pops! How can anyone not love a blue tongue?

Serious Eats: What Lunch Box Did You Have? What Was in it?
PB&J, raisins, and milk. Everyday. Six years. I had great digestive health as a kid.

Vegan Teacher Fired Over Peeps Lesson
Chick-loving (as in “chickens” not “hot ladies”) vegan gets a little militant with his anti-meat lectures.

(Photos courtesy of Jupiter Images, dailyllama, Elegant Eating, and scrivenings.)

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Kaya said...

Your megalinks always kill my browser, there are sooo many good places to go! Thanks!

Jenny said...

Thanks for posting all the fun links! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I love it! If you are still interested in some vegetarian recipes, I have a bunch on my blog: www.tryoutvegan.blogspot.com

Jaime said...

"PHENOMENAL POTATO POWER! Itty bitty mayonnaise."

I basically had to whisper this to myself to remember where it was from. But yes!

Also, the only ballpark food worth eating is Dippin Dots. Eating anything else is wasting time, money, and calories that could be spent on Dippin Dots.