Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks: The Tim Russert Edition

Has anyone else been affected by Tim Russert’s death more than they expected to be? It could be that he was the same age as my dad, or that he seemed like a genuinely good guy (see: Tom Brokaw’s on-air eulogy). But more likely, it’s that he was an exemplary newsperson: well-informed, (relatively) objective, and enthusiastic about his chosen duties. You don’t see it a lot anymore.

Either way, today’s Megalinks are dedicated to him. Because information is power, and no one knew it better. Go Bills.

Casual Kitchen: How to Create Your Own Original Pasta Salad Recipes Using The Pasta Salad Permutator
Dan has a MONSTER post on DIY pasta salad combinations, and he’s even giving out a prize for the worst creation. I’m thinking a Caper/Cauliflower/Pineapple Tortellini Salad with Lentils and Mayonnaise-Lemon Dressing. Anyone? Anyone?

Food Network Addict: Ted Allen Joins Food Network in “Food Detectives”
Yes! My favorite Queer Eye guy is getting his own Mythbusters-style show! BOW TO THE GLASSES! (Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.)

Gourmet: Where Are the Women?
Women today make up the vast majority of home cooks, as they have for centuries (millennia, even). So, why don’t they head up professional kitchens, especially on the East Coast? I’m thinking it’s the whole crazy-hours-make-it-impossible-to-have-kids thing, but I’m not sure. (Thanks to Eater for the link.)

Lifehacker: Change Your Cooking Style to Cut Back on Meat
Yay! Lifehacker highlights Mark Bittman’s recent Reduce Your Meat article, which emphasizes the health benefits of Meat as Condiment, rather than Meat as Main Course. It's infinitely valuable knowledge, all at the low, low price of free.

Men’s Health: The 125 Healthiest Supermarket Foods in America
Hm. I don’t agree with all their choices, but this gigundo list is helpful nonetheless. If you buy processed food (and I do), it’s a must-read.

My Open Wallet: Why Do Otherwise Normal Girls Refuse to Go Dutch?
Question of the week! Ladies, do you pay for yourself on first dates, or do you let your date fork over the cash? I always did, unless he insisted. And secretly? Feminist leanings to the contrary, I appreciated it. (Aside: there were one or two dates where I paid, and I didn’t mind one bit.)

New York Times: Tapped Out
The Grey Lady finally catches on to bottled water’s ripoffedness.

Owlhaven: Frugal Cooking Carnival
Mary schools, cooks for, and generally raises TEN kids, so she knows baseball. Here, she details a week-long healthy, frugal eating plan for her giant family, pics included. I can’t imagine what her shopping trips must be like.

Festival of Frugality #130: Out of Debt Again
This week’s FoF goes with a little piggie theme. Check out CHG’s 60 Marinades post among other magical entries.

Slashfood: Is Bribing Kids with Food Really a Good Idea?
Not having kids, I’d say it’s a terrible idea, and that children should learn to recognize work and achievement for the pride and self-worth they foster. That said, when I DO spawn, I’m pretty sure I'll be exchanging brownies for a cry-free trip to the supermarket.

The Simple Dollar: Seven Things You Can Do Right Now to Help the Flood Victims
Not food related so much, but key nonetheless. Trent has some great suggestions on lending aid to folks in Iowa. And if this article is any indication, they’re gonna need even more soon.

Time.com: How America’s Children Packed on the Pounds
Much like the Washington Post’s recent series, Time explains why U.S. kids are bigger than ever, and how it’s affecting their futures. More on this issue in tomorrow’s CHG article, so stay tuned.

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Jaime said...

The last two dinner dates I went on, I paid for everything. First case - he was in the bathroom when the check came, I didn't want to deal with the awkwardness of me sitting at the table with the check, waiting for him to get back - things were not going brilliantly - and then I, like, panicked and tipped 30%. The other time I paid because he wasn't even making a move for his wallet, and I was like, eff this. Gosh, dating is fun.

In general, and not that I get to put this into much practice, working in theatre and all (help!), I offer to split, and make a valiant effort, but will relent if the boy insists. And then I'm terribly relieved, but I can't parse whether it's because I have a dark, unfeminist corner of my heart, or if it's just because I'm that broke.

Julia said...

Jaime, I usually go with your general rule of splitting. If the boy insists, I offer to tip, in which case he usually gives in.

Now that I actually have a bf, I'm thinking the dating part was actually easier! We are constantly figuring out who's paying and who's paying whom what amount back and when. Both being creatives, the math part isn't working out well for either of us. Anybody out there have a system?

molly b. said...

Re: bribing kids with food: I do it all the time, shamelessly. Usually, I bribe him with dessert; no dessert until he eats his lunch (the "How can you have any pudding if you won't eat your meat?" ploy). I still can't believe this actually works, but it does.

I'm not sure the thing with the police handing out ice cream cones to teenagers will be effective, though. It seems like exactly the kind of thing my friends and I would have gone out of our way to make fun of when we were young.

Kris said...

Julia, re: going dutch with an S.O.. We keep vague track of who pays for what. The household stuff is all in a written budget, but the incidentals (meals out, movies, etc.), we try to trade off best we can. It's not scientific, but it's working so far, and there's no resentment. (i.e. "I paid for nachos LAST TIME!")

Owlhaven said...

Sometimes I bribe the kids with popsicles when it is time to weed the garden. I call it a helathy bribe because if the garden is cared for, we end up with more veggies to eat.

Mary, mom to 10

PS---Thanks for the link!