Monday, June 30, 2008

You Say it’s Your Blogday: CHG's Top Ten Recipes

WOO! We made it! A year ago today, CHG launched with a smile, a strategy, and a semi-sensical mission statement. While world wide web domination is probably a couple of years in coming, we've carved out a neat little niche in the highly competitive arena of health-and-frugality-oriented food blogging.

So, thank you to everyone – all 158,126 of you – who’ve popped in over the last 12 months. I’ve really enjoyed writing for and learning from you. Y’all are aces.

And! Thank you to the 1,551 websites, blogs, and people who’ve sent traffic this way, especially MSN Smart Spending, Get Rich Slowly, Paid Twice, Frugal Hacks, A Good American Wife, Money Saving Mom, English Major Money, Serious Eats, and Frugal Upstate. Three cheers.

Also! Thanks to Jaime and Leigh for joining up, and Rachel for subbing in while I was on vacation. I'm way grateful for your viewpoints, limeades, and kale chips, ladies.

And finally! Thanks to The Boyfriend, for eating lots of crap in between the good stuff.

Which brings us to today’s food. In celebration of the whole one-year shebang, I went back and picked out my top ten favorite meals/snacks/whatever. While each of the 105 recipes on this site has been Boyfriend-Leigh-or-Jaime-tested and Me-approved, these guys I remember as being particularly tasty. Behold their wonder! (In convenient alphabetical order.)

Baked Apples
Source: The Cook's Bible by Christopher Kimball
Essentially a crustless apple pie, this warm, Autumn-y dessert makes me yearn for colder weather.

Cheesy Eggplant Bake
Bad name. Good food.

Chicken Provencal
Source: Cook's Illustrated's Best 30-Minute Recipe
Possibly my absolute favorite, and it really only takes a half-hour. Yay, olives!

Falafel with Tahini Sauce
Source: (Falafel) and (Tahini Sauce)
The Boyfriend's best-loved dish. You don't miss the deep-frying one bit.

Gazpacho Pasta Salad
Source: Cook's Country Magazine
Dude. I make this ALL THE TIME. For every occasion. Even when it's not appropriate, like a pasta haters convention.

Marcella Hazan’s Lemon Roasted Chicken
Source: via Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan
To make this even better (as if), chop thick-cut carrots and Yukon gold potatoes into 1-inch pieces, drop 'em in the bottom, and roast along with the chicken. You won't know what hit you.

Potato Gnocchi
Source: Gnocchi cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education
Best of all? They freeze like the dickens.

This could be the classiest thing I've ever eaten. Besides Shea Stadium hot dogs, I mean.

Sweet Lassi
Who needs a friggin' milkshake?

White Bean and Kale Soup with Turkey Sausage
This made me like kale.

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Daniel Koontz said...

Congrats on turning 1! I've had a blast reading you and learning from you over the past year. Here's to many more.

Casual Kitchen

Jaime said...

Happy blogday! And congrats on getting so close to world internet domination - nay, plain total world domination - in just a year. Delish.

Jon said...

Thank you for posting this list. My wife and I eat off of your recipes pretty regularly, and it's neat to see what you consider the best!

Chief Family Officer said...

Congratulations, Kris, and Happy Blogoversary!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the one year!

I've never posted before, but I am very much a fan. I've made many of your recipes and I have enjoyed reading of your life in Brooklyn. I moved away from Brooklyn very recently and still miss it to the point that I get all **teary-eyed** when I read your posts of leaky sinks and the dubious characters Brooklyn landlords pass off as plumbers. Yes, I'm rather nostalgic.

But I dearly love this blog. And your writing and wit.

Kris said...

Hey you guys - thank you so much. It's so nice of y'all to write in with such neat things. Nothing makes me happier. (Besides maybe a certified plumber. I hear you, Anon.)

Anonymous said...

Happy blogday, sis!

Cheeseburger said...

I just whipped up a single sweet lassi for the first time. I didn't have ground cardamom on had so I used ground cloves instead. It was tasty! Keep up the good work

bigbinder said...

Well, happy birthday CHG! Although I hate to see blogs that started when mine did and rock; they remind me that I have done virtually nothing to make my blog a better place.