Monday, September 8, 2008

Serious Treats

You GUYS! Starting today, I have a weekly recipe column running over at the incredible, sincerely edible Serious Eats. Check it out!

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Jaime said...

Holy crap! Congratulations! I love Serious Eats, and am in awe.

ambitious said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!!! Congratulations! :) I read Serious Eats religiously!

Kelly said...

That is super cool - congrats!

Daniel Koontz said...

Just another well-deserved step in your path towards world domination.

Congrats Kris! You'll be a great addition to their site.

Casual Kitchen

Chief Family Officer said...

Hi Kris,

A belated congratulations on the new gig! I loved the recipe and your changes, not to mention the mental image of a school made out of corn husks :)

I'm off to check out your recipe for yesterday (I'm waaaay behind on things, not that you could tell!).