Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

This week it’s recaps of 2008, strategies for 2009, and 2010 solid posts from the Serious Eats team. Also of note: I am the only person working on the entire island of Manhattan today. (Meaning: no summaries for this time around. Somebody's gotta keep this city running!)

CNN: 10 Healthiest Diets

Culinate: The Eco-Kitchen – How to Green Your Cooking Space

Delish: Healthy Holiday Recipes

Elastic Waist: What Does Dress Size Have to Do With Body Happiness?

The Epi-Log: What Farmers Want Consumers to Know – Parts 1 and 2

Jezebel: New Year, Same Ol’ Resolutions

The Kitchn: Fast! Easy! Quick! Recipes for Weeknight Cooking - Best of 2008

The Kitchn: More With Less - Frugal and Budget Cooking - Best of 2008

The Kitchn: Soups for Every Season – Best of 2008

New York Times: Is a New Food Policy on Obama’s List?

Serious Eats: The best way to cook tilapia is…

Serious Eats: Breakfasts for a crowd - any ideas?

Serious Eats: Cheap Meals!

Serious Eats: What do you do with spaghetti squash?

Serious Eats: The Year That Was – Food as Other Stuff

Wise Bread: Six Simple Side Dishes That Will Save You Money

Wise Bread: Five More Tips for Eating in Restaurants and Sticking to a Budget

Wise Bread: My Kitchen Could Be a Yeast Farm

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Lindsey said...

Kris- do you use Google Reader? I swear you must have the best picks for blog reading, I always love these links! Happy New Year!

Kris said...

Lindsey! I do use Google Reader, and am always looking to add. If you have any good suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em... Happy New Year!