Thursday, April 9, 2009

CHG Favorites of the Week

Food Blog of the Week
Money Matters
Hey kids! The FTC’s knows we’re having some financial issues out here in boonies, so they’ve put together this fairly user-friendly site to help us navigate some hurdles. All joking aside, it looks pretty useful, especially after you start clicking through (thus, bringing you to the meat of the site). Check it out if you’re looking to improve your economic knowledge and/or just love the Federal Trade Commission.

Food Comedy of the Week
“Carl’s Jr” at Target: Women by Sarah Haskins
Folks, I’m not one to point a finger at something and scream, “THAT’S SEXIST!” But this ad campaign? Is pretty textbook sexist. What, women don’t eat burgers? (Also, my love for Sarah Haskins continues unabated.)

Food Quote of the Week
“Government-subsidized junk food + convenience stores + low food prices + "snacking, grazing" culture + low self-discipline + certain cultural propensities + opaque food labeling + "don't tell me what to put in my body" American attitude + health insurance that fixes problems but won't prevent them + city plans that encourage short card rides + dwindling outdoor recreation areas + video game culture + increasing "screen" time + guzzling soft drinks + eating more meals at restaurants + desk jobs + less smoking (no, really) = higher rates of obesity” – Consumerist commentor Johnfrombrooklyn

Food Movie Clip of the Week
Multiple scenes from “Under the Tuscan Sun”
This user-generated video features a bunch of clips from my favorite Diane Lane movie, including the two very best parts: the dinners and Raoul Bova. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this thing, Netflix it now. It’s the best chick flick, ever.

Totally Unrelated Extra Special Bonus of the Week
The Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time at Videogum
A few months ago, Gabe saw an awful Kevin Bacon movie called Death Sentence. Afterwards, he gave himself a mission: to discover a film more terrible than Death Sentence. These are his findings. (Included: Powder, Elizabethtown, and the worst movie I’ve had the misfortune to see in the last few years, Dan in Real Life.)

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annaW said...

ha- funny. I got so excited about your "Under the Tuscan Sun" comments. I feel the same way! Every time it is on TV I find myself stopping and just watching from that point. BUT, then the diss on Dan in Real Life? I totally liked it....definitely didn't love it, but liked it a fair share.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh. Is this Kris who wrote this post? You and I almost ALWAYS agree. How could this not be one of those times?

I HATED Under the Tuscan Sun.
I quite LIKED Dan in Real Life.

What's going on? My whole world looks different to me right now!

Here are some movies that I think are HORRID that Gabe can watch to torture himself: (1) Mona Lisa Smile. (2) Patch Adams. and (3) the worst movie EVER: The Stepford Wives.

Kris said...

You guys, I wanted to like that movie so much. The cast was great, and I love Steve Carell (and John Mahoney and Dianne Wiest and Juliette Binoche), but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it was the script. Maybe it was the Dane Cook factor. Maybe it was that I watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" right after and looooooved it. It's hard to say.

Have either of you seen Before Sunset, though? It's the best. It's what all romances should be like.

Reina Sabatini said...

article a very interesting read for me

Club Amaro said...

You obviously have not seen "Corvette Summer"

Atrocious...and hands down the worst movie of all time, in all the universe.

Enjoy you blog...thanks for doing it.


Exick said...

I couldn't stop looking at the flashing "_current" on the bottom left corner of the Target Women video and wondering why it took Haskins that long to notice Carl's Jr. Their male-targetted ad stupidity has been going on for at least 7 years. Some of the ads she took to task have been part of that campaign for almost as long.

Their tagline for much of this time has been "Without us, some guys would starve." and just adds to their jackassery. Some of their other gems include a guy trying to make guacamole by putting an unpeeled avocado into a blender and wondering why it isn't working. Or another guy staring, glassy-eyed, at shelves of packed meat at the grocery store and having no clue what to do.

Oh, and lest you continue to believe Carl's Jr. thinks women don't eat burgers, you can take a look at their handful of ads showing exactly that, including a recent one featuring Top Chef's Padma Lakshi. See how much these appeal to women? They're very progressive.

Padma Lakshi: Burger Eater
Mechanical Bull
Chili Burger
Another Chili Burger

jesstyler said...

I LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun... My favorite movie ever.

New reader, btw, and loving your blog!