Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Megalinks: The Origami Edition

This week, the internets were all about saving money on food, the dangers of vegetarianism, and lots and lots of service industry foul-ups. The $400 service charge will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Casual Kitchen: Six Good Things About the Awful Economy
Though Dan’s excellent rundown focuses on food, I offer this as #7: more time for checking your bank statements. Seriously, I never knew as much about money as I do now. Thanks, recession!

Consumerist: 112 Ways to Save Money
Consumerist asked, readers answered. From “serging” socks to nuking pens for their last bit of ink, you will never need another frugality post. I promise.

Consumerist: Let Supermarkets Help You Save Money
When it comes to this blog, there are fewer more thrilling quotes than: “Consumer Reports is gearing up to release their supermarket ratings, but the preliminary results show that supermarkets are trying to help consumers by extending sales and rewarding loyalty.” FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!

Dear Abby: Family Feuds Over Passing Of Plate From Bargain Buffet
As a dedicated Dear Abby reader since third grade, I had to pass along this letter from STEAMED AT THE SALAD BAR IN COLORADO. She witnessed a relative buy a single ticket for an all-you-can-eat buffet, and then feed her whole family from that one plate. Abby responds in kind, and does not hold back with the wet noodle, folks.

Eater: Tipped Off – the 20% House Charge at Masa
Once you get beyond the fact that this is a $2000 dinner bill, take a look at the $400 service charge. It’s not a tip – gratuity has yet to be added on. That is a honkin’ load of bullcrap, people.

The Kitchn: Good Question – How Can I Preserve All These Onions?
Do you have a plethora of onions leftover from the winter? Are you wondering what to do with them? Can you operate a spatula? Good. Read this.

The Kitchn: Good Question – Lighter Recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking
Do any cooks out there read the words “dutch oven” and giggle, because they still think of the “farting in bed” definition? I do. I’m nine.

Michael Ruhlman: Dough and Batter Ratios (the Chart!)
Prepare to be blinded by science: blogger / chef / personality Ruhlman has boiled baking down to a few simple mathematical proportions. Here, they’re presented in lovely chart form.

New York Times: New York Health Official Calls for Tax on Drinks With Sugar
…but New York politicians aren’t likely to enact any legislation. Because taking soda from New Yorkers would be like taking bagels from New Yorkers. Violence and sugar crashes will follow.

Oregon LIVE: Make the Most of Bulk Bins
Thorough, brilliant article on the art of bulk bin buying. A must-read. Just tremendous. (Thanks to reader Karen for the suggestion.)

Serious Eats: Served – The Ballsy Waitress
SE’s resident server columnist got a $5 tip on a $66 bill. So, though she’d never done it before, she confronted the guests, asking if there was anything wrong with the service. They said, “no, you were great,” realized the mistake, and coughed up another $8. Has this ever happened to you?

The Simple Dollar: Buying Fresh, Buying Cheap
Short ‘n’ simple guide to getting fresh fruits and veggies at a low, low price.

Surgical Technical Schools: 100 Best Blogs for Living Healthy on a Budget
“Is this heaven?”
“No, it’s Iowa an even hundred of the web’s best offerings.”
“Oh. I must have taken a wrong turn. Sorry to bother you.”
“It’s okay. Wait! You forgot your coat!”
"Oh! Thanks. Man, this has taken a weird turn for what's essentially a blog blurb."
"Yeah, I know. Wanna go get some coffee?"
"I do. Let's hurry!"

Time Magazine: Is Vegetarianism a Teen Eating Disorder?
Get this: Minnesota professors found that a full fifth (20%) of teenage vegetarians have eating disorders of some kind. Apparently, lots of veggie kids are more concerned with keeping their weight down than saving a chicken, and see going meat-free as an easier way to do that.

And last but definitely not least, Leigh’s Gumbo post was included in this weeks Make it From Scratch Carnival, hosted at I’ve Gotta Little Space to Fill. Thanks, MB!

(Photos courtesy of Amazing-Arts, Colectiva, and PJ Lighthouse.)

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Dave said...

the time article impresses me as pretty whack.
-the study is limited to teens from minnasota. of those teens, 108 described themselves as vegetarian. that is not a number large enough that i'd be comfortable extrapolating from for the hundreds of thousands of teen veggies in the country. the article cites an increase in use of laxitives, i think, from 15% in the general population, to 27% in the vegetarian population. even if there is an increase in the vegetarian population, the total number of people that would cause such a rise in this study is around 10. you can't claim something important about thousands of teens on the basis of the behavior of ten of them.
-there is nothing wrong with trying to lose weight if one is overweight [which the study did not factor for, that i saw [in other words, it asked 'are you a veggie' but not 'are you overweight']] and people attempting to lose weight for any reason will binge eat at some point, because they are hungry.
-even the article mentions that the veggies ate healthier in many ways, consuming less fat, and being less fat.
-just because there's an overlap between people who take laxatives and people who claim to be vegetarians doesn't make that overlap significant. there's almost assuredly an overlap between people with tongue studs and people who are vegetarians but there's very little causal in common.
-finally, it refers to teen behavior such as political involvement as 'foolish'. which is lame.
so, yeah. it's whack.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the link Kris! I'm really happy with the positive reaction to that article.

Let me also say that I totally agree with Dave on the Time article, but I still find articles like that fascinating to read--not for the information in the article per se, but because it's so interesting to think about all the preconceptions and biases that the reporter and the magazine have to have (about teenagers, about parents, about vegetarianism) in order to publish an article like that in the first place.

Casual Kitchen

Anonymous said...

Man, I know a lot of vegetarians and vegans, and a not insignificant number of them are vegetarian/vegan for weight loss - purposefully eschewing balanced meals for lettuce because it's vegetarian (and adding some sort of beans and nuts to a salad adds too many calories). So not that all vegetarians are problem eaters, but it's part of the whole culture of easy-thin - look at the rising rate of diabetics decreasing their insulin to lose weight

Kris said...

Dave, like Dan, I agree with you on the Times article.

On an anecdotal note, though, I can't TELL you how many girls I knew in college whose idea of vegetarianism was Morngingstar chix patties and general starvation. More than one had an eating disorder.

Nowadays, it doesn't happen, and my veggie buds are in it for many, many other reasons. But when you're 19 and have weight problems, it's an easy way to drop weight without your parents becoming too suspicious.

Dave said...

well sure, kris. i don't doubt that people make all kinds of crazy justifications for their behavioral problems, but the behavioral problem is the, well, problem. not the justification.
anecdotally, i can tell you all about the fat guy who decided to be a vegetarian when he was 19 because he didn't like he way meat was killed and found the environmental impact of the meat industry distressing.
he's still pudgy, but he's working on it.