Thursday, May 28, 2009

Veggie Might: An Engagement, a Veg-friendly Wedding, and an Anniversary

Written by the fabulous Leigh, Veggie Might is a regular Thursday feature about all things Vegetarian.

Congratulations are in order for so many folks this month. First of all, I’d like to officially raise a glass of mint limeade to Kris and her Husband-Elect. You two were already as cute as can be, and now this. I can barely stand it. Mazel tov!

Speaking of mah-wage, I just returned from the wedding extravaganza of my dear friend JF, nee B. It was a glorious affair in my favorite vegetarian-friendly town, Asheville, NC. The bride was gorgeous, and the groom was gregarious. It was a fabulous party—for four days straight—and it couldn’t happen to a lovelier couple. Slainte!

Oh, I should tell you about the food. At J & G’s reception, I ate the best vegetarian dish I’ve ever had at a wedding: butternut squash risotto and collard greens. (ML: yours was a close second.)

For once, I wasn’t jealous of the other diners as I ate only sides. This meal sure beat the steamed veggies and baked potato passed off as a vegetarian entree by one of the most overrated restaurants in New York City.

To top off the trip, I had biscuits, soy sausage, and gravy twice (at two different restaurants) during my stay: at the Southern-with-a-twist Tupelo Honey and the always-fabulous Laughing Seed. I smiled with every bite. Take a trip to Asheville, if not for the food, then for the people and views.

Among these auspicious events is the first anniversary of Veggie Might. I can hardly believe we’ve been together a whole year, CHGers. My first post seems so long ago, and yet, like yesterday. Thank you so much for welcoming me and allowing me into your computers. I’ve learned so much while having a blast, and I hope you have too.

Since a new year is upon us Dear Readers, I’d like to take your pulse. What would you like to read about? Are there vegetarian topics that interest you in particular? Is there anything I won’t shut up about that you’d prefer I let go?

What would you like to see more or less in Veggie Might? Do you want more articles? Are you happy with the number of recipes? Do you find the recipes accessible? How’s my driving?

Spare no response in the comments section. I would love to hear from you. Kris has worked hard to make this site something amazing, and I strive to further her mission. So lay it on me.

Here’s to another great year. Cheers!

(Photos courtesy of Flickr members fazu the elf and someToast.)

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carriekali said...

Since you asked...I'd like to see ideas for vegetarian dishes that do not contain soy or tofu products.

Tamara said...

you can never go wrong with more recipes!!!

Kate in NJ said...

My teenage daughter is teetering on the edge of vegetarianism. As a Nutritionist, I have no problem being sure she gets what she needs from a meat-free diet. However, I would love some tips on making meals that are easily converted to suit my carnivore husband and son. I really do not want to make two meals each night. Thanks!

Clea said...

I'd like more vegan recipes (and not just "use soy cheese"), more of the curry-making awesome posts, and more recipes using pantry staples. Those are three very different requests, but I'll take anything :).

Kate in NJ, I have a few ideas:
1. Introduce your daughter to some easy veggie cookbooks, maybe designate a weekend date to make veggie burgers (very easy and cheap if you make them rather than buy them, the blog happyveganface has a bunch of great burger recipes) or other things that can be frozen and reheated during the week.

2. Most people love veggie (bean) chili! and you can make cornbread or other bread to go with it.

3. Pasta, pizza, bean burritos...if your husband and son must have meat, just add it in on the side (cook in a different pan, and top half the pizza, have them put it in their burritos, whatnot).

SHevvi said...

I am always in need of help of how to use the veggie sin my CSA box. This is especially true later in the season.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more recipes that are low in carbs. I'm a diabetic and love all veggies BUT lima/butter beans.So I've got to stay away from potatoes, corn and peas, (or use in very small amts). Just come from my farmer's market and picked up some patty pan squash. I've rarely have seen these before so if you find them try them. The recipes I've goggled sound great. I also second any ethnic recipes. I love trying anything once.
Thanks so much for your hard work!!

Leigh said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Carriekali, wow that's a tall order. Though, now that I think about it, I've posted rarely about tofu and used soy milk mostly in baking recipes (and it's easily subbed with rice milk). I love the stuff, so I won't promise to never include soy, but I think you'll find quite a variety of recipes here. ;) Thanks for being honest and going first! (Does that include soy sauce and miso?)

Tamara, I'm glad you feel that way, because I have lots more to share. Thanks for commenting!

Kate in NJ, when I cook for omnivores it's often in a potluck setting. Clea's tips are fantastic, and I think this issue certainly deserves more attention. When I first became a veg (in college), my mom gave me a veg cookbook and we made things together. I smell an article coming on. Kate, would it be okay if I emailed you? If so, you can confidentially contact me through the site at

Clea, thanks for the suggestions and the tips for Kate! So fantastic. There will be more curry to come for sure! And always more vegan fare with love and never soy cheese (ew... or I just haven't found the "good" kind.) The pantry staples idea is a great one. And one I should use more - and will. Thanks again.

SHevvi, ah the CSA dilemma. We will definitely be tackling that together this year. Thanks for the suggestion!

Keep 'em coming y'all. This is fantastic. I love hearing what you want to read.

Cory said...

Hey! I am a new vegetarian and I love veggie might. Thanks for all the great ideas! I agree that more is always better and I also agree that soy cheese is gross!! But I do love tofu and other soy products.
I am definitely interested to see what you and Kate come up with. My family are also meat-eaters and it makes for a lot of separate meals.
Keep it coming!

kittiesx3 said...

Hi Leigh, I'll chime in with carriekali and ask for more recipes without soy products. I can't really eat soy because I already produce way too much estrogen so I'd love to see alternatives where you do include soy. Or maybe comments on whether the recipe is worth making if I can't/don't want to include soy.

Kelly K. said...

Happy anniversary, Leigh!

Leigh said...

Thanks Kel! Smooch.

Kittiesx3, I'll keep in mind soy alternatives when I use soy products.

Cory and Barbara, thanks for the encouragement.

Cory, welcome to veggieland. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Barbara, good to know about the carb issues. I have never been fan of patty pans, but maybe I've just not had good ones. I accept your challenge!

Thanks again, everyone, for the great comments and ideas.