Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Megalinks

Today it's recipe lists, weight loss for the very tall, and an infuriating article from the Gray Lady. Tuesday, I like you!

Ad Age: Consumers Say They Want Healthy, But Aren’t Buying it
Oh, yikes. You know those calorie counts they’re starting to post on fast food menus? Apparently, they’re not making/they won’t make much of a difference in what good citizens are ordering. This is perplexing.

Casual Kitchen: The Hummus Blogroll – 16 Easy to Make Hummus Recipes
As I am currently obsessed with all things hummus-related (we’re even watching Don’t Mess With the Zohan, where it figures in prominently), this is my favorite post of the moment. Chipotle Hummus? Thai Basil Hummus? Avocado Hummus? I’ve died and gone to Hummeaven.

Chow: RSVP to My Damn Invite
Yarg. We’re all adults here! Tell me if you’re coming to my party! Because next time you show up without notice and bring 16 hot dogs with no buns, I’m making them out of your shirt.

Consumerist: More People Are Getting Their Food Straight From Farms
Thanks to CSAs, pick-yer-owns, and various related services, farm-procured edibles have jumped about 100% in ten years. Disillusionment works, people!

Consumerist: Sorry, You Are Too Tall for Weight Watchers
WW Online doesn’t cater to those 6’10” and over. Sorry, Shaq.

Frantic Home Cook: 50 Pasta Salads, Just in Time for Summer
Woo hoo! Just … woo hoo! (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

Frugal Dad: How Many Nights a Week Do You Eat Out?
Good post made better by solid cross-section of comments and experiences. This is a habit I’m still desperately trying to break. Or at least curb a little.

The Kitchn: Help! I Have the Palate of a Child
Great post with a title that reminds me of my favorite Stephen King line, after someone asked him why he writes such fanciful horror tomes: “I have the heart of a small boy. And I keep it in a jar on my desk.”

The Kitchn: Good Question – How Should I Store Brown Sugar?
Why, in a acid-free plastic cover, so you don’t bend the corners or muss the liner notes. Oh … wait. Not this Brown Sugar? Sorry. I got confused.

The Kitchn: What’s Your Favorite Warm Weather Breakfast?
Come for the picture. Stay … well, stay for the picture, too. It’s a nice picture. But the comments are good, too.

Like Merchant Ships: Library Bag – Green Garden Dip
Okay, I don’t want to creep her out or anything, but every time Meredith posts something like this, it makes me want kids, like, right now. Oh, and there’s a ranch dip recipe.

Money Saving Mom: Is it Possible to Lose Weight on a Budget?
Umm … yes. But again, more in the comments!

New York Times: How Food Makers Captured Our Brains
Hint: it wasn’t with a net. It was with regular foods, combined in certain ways so as to stimulate the reward system hardwired into our brains. They blinded us with neuroscience!

New York Times: With This Burger, I Thee Wed
This article’s been making the rounds the last week or so, and I have to say – I flat-out hate it. It reeks of privilege and condescension, and I can’t tell if it’s the subject or that it’s being called a trend. Readers, thoughts?

Science Daily: Living Near Fast Food Outlet Not A Weighty Problem For Kids
Huh? This goes against popular science and widely-accepted research. Michael Pollan, are you listening? If so, sweet! You have excellent ears.

The Simple Dollar: The Truth About Grocery Store Flyers
The circulars are my supermarket bibles, but Trent has some well-founded reservations. The quantity sales are a pain in the butt, man.

(Photos courtesy of Tasty Planner, Calgary Public Library, and Psi Xperience.)

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Emily said...

That Times article IS pretentious. If you're going to spend an obscene amount of money on your wedding, don't try to hide it by serving pseudo-frugal food. Either spend the money on expensive (and probably delicious) food and be open about it, or save some money and buy food that actually IS cheap. There's nothing more pretentious than trying not to be pretentious and failing miserably. Especially when it's to spare all of your poor friends the misery of realizing just how rich you are. Oh, Times style section, how you infuriate me sometimes!

Kris said...

Emily, you nailed it. I wish I had verbalized my thoughts as well as you just did.

Danielle said...

Emily said it best. This is what I want for my wedding. However, I come from the upper Midwest, and I KNOW I can do burgers & fries for under $50/plate (or whatever ridiculous prices they're paying). I pretty much just want a big backyard party/tribute to my (our) Midwestern upbringing. I've asked my aunt, who makes awesomely delicious pies, to make wedding pies. Anyone that can contribute to grilling, etc. - that will be their wedding gift to us.

I love the "tailgate" as a relaxed dinner/reception idea; I HATE taking it to prohibitively expensive levels to appear more "down to earth".

Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write said...

Regarding your first article. Here in Cali, they're forcing chains to post nutrition about their products and I'm SO STINKIN STOKED. I do think it will make a difference, but over time. In the same way the Surgeon General's Warning made a difference with smoking over time. You have to pair these initiatives with other programs, in schools, communities, etc. It's a really good start and I'm fully on board!!!

spotter said...

The Times has been printing a lot of articles like that lately; the whole 'recession chic' trend is pretty nauseating. Watching rich people pretend to be slightly less rich than they are in an attempt to convey social awareness...um, no. We charming middle-class burger-and-cobbler-eating types aren't buying it.

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Fabulous post, as usual!

Thank you - lots of great links here.

Andrea said...

Spotter -

And to add to your comment, we charming middle class folks make a better cobbler than those rich "pseudo-frugal" do.

I'm sorry, but the Times section is ALWAYS pretentious! 150K for a freakin' wedding? In Wisconsin, that's practically a crime. I had an absolutely stunning wedding for 30K back in 2006 - that included ALL decorations, flowers, invites, dresses, alterations, shoes, food, beer, wine and soda (it was $5 a head all night. Awesome deal), cake, and the Italian cookie and sweet table we did instead of favors.

And that was still on the high side! Sometimes I wonder what goes through peoples' heads in other parts of the country..

Luv2Tech said...

Heh, interesting article. Having a wedding in Montecito is by itself extravagant, in my eyes. For those not aware, Montecito is the Beverly Hills of Santa Barbara. Which itself is regarded as California Riviera. The real kicker for me was the guy who spent 100k fixing a fountain and then spray painted the lawn green to cover up the animal markings!