Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sonic Giveaway #2: Five More $25 Gift Cards!

You guys! In honor of the upcoming holiday, I have five additional $25 gift cards from Sonic Drive-in Restaurants to pass on to five soon-to-be-filled-with-cherry-limeade readers. Sweet.

To enter, all you have to do is leave your name and a haiku about your favorite food in the comment section. For example, mine would be:

Oh, macaroni.
Your relationship with cheese
hath blessed my innards.

The drawing (using will go down tomorrow at noon (that’s Friday at 12pm), so get your verse in before then!

P.S. Just in case: a haiku is a three-line Japanese poem. The first and third lines should have five syllables, and the second line has seven. They’re very zen and stuff.

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Anna said...

I'm terrible with haikus. But, here we go.

Baby on the way,
Hot summer days are brutal.
Cherry Limeade time!

Adam Truax said...

Bar-B-Q my love
Warm brisket smothered in sauce
Oops it's on my face

Mominin said...

Cheesy Potatoes.
Creamy, cheesy, delicious.
Comforting to me.

Brandi said...

nothing makes me smile
more than your spicy goodness
chicken korma, yum

pat1755 said...

Hi, Pat Thomas here :)

Enchiladas are
the greatest food known to man.
Make mine with green sauce.

Andrea said...

Oh asparagus.
You make me very happy.
So green and slender.

Elizabeth said...

Peaches: best barefoot
on the porch in the summer,
juice dripping down chin.


Emily said...

Oh, Chicken tikka
Masala, British curry
yummy masterpiece.

Sally said...

oh sorbet, three pints:
raspberry, peach, cranberry blueberry
a frozen delight

smdrm said...

White popcorn kernals
Bring large salty sensations
Through anticipation

Hudson Valley Gooner said...

Sunday morning fix
Toasted everything bagel
Contentment by bite

ShelleyD said...

Ocean Water Blue
Icy Cold, Delicious too
Let Me Drink You Up

Em said...

Yogurt-y goodness.
Smooth, creamy deliciousness.
Happy taste buds, yum!


Karen said...

Coffee in my mug
A dark caffeinated brew
Now I can wake up

Krystal said...

I'm Krystal, and here's my haiku.

I love Chinese food,
It makes me happy inside,
I want some right now!

Haha I think that works!

Kristine said...

Ok, I know I'm late, but this just showed up in my Google Reader account this evening! Here's my haiku (and my first one ever!!)...

Wisconsin cheese, please
Melted, sliced, stringy or curds
None compares to you

sextonae said...

Lowly coconut
your rough exterior hides
such sweet surprises

Anne Sexton, Georgia

katers said...

Chocolate is sweet
and oh so smooth and creamy
it does my heart good.

Susan said...

A cherry limeade
My very favorite treat
Refreshing and sweet

Crayl said...

creamy luscious cold
churned so gently, smoothly
in a cone mine.yum.

Daniel said...

Oh! Dark Chocolate!
Come share your sweet bitterness.
Give me endorphins.

christiems said...

Warm pizza at night
Or cold pizza for breakfast
That is bliss to me.

chandy said...

Big bean burritos
Refried beans, tortilla wrap’d
Yay Mexican Food!

Amy said...

Green chile heaven
Cheesy enchiladas yum
I miss my home state.

kit & kaboodle said...

Gasp! Better than sex?
Hazelnut Ritter Sport -
Proof that God exists.

Kate said...

Pizza, Pizza Pie
Melty, Cheesy, Oozy Good
Heaven in my mouth.

Megan J said...

steak marinaded
grilled to perfect medium
sure sign of summer

Kathy said...

Lovely cucumbers,
Cool, green, delicious with salt
Summer in a bite.

Brian said...

Loved since grade school age,
peanut butter and jelly
hits home every time.

Kristi said...

brownies with frosting
picnics are just an excuse
to stuff my own face

bomaanka said...

The first Strawberries
Covered with whipped cream
Crown the angel food cake

Jayle said...

humble potato
baked mashed roasted or french fried
dearly i love thee

gatheraroundthetable (at) gmail (dot) com

Kristine said...

Dark chocolate squares
Slowly melting in my mouth
Yes, heaven on Earth

Stephanie Reed said...

The lovely doughnut
Neverending circle of
Sweet deliciousness

Sarah said...

Sweet arctic shards melt
through straws; the homemade slurpee,
with its brain-freeze kiss.

Terri said...

crust and gooey cheese
peppers, onions, hamburger
I love my pizza

Chelsea said...

Haikus are too short
to express the immense love
I feel for Sonic.

Nic said...

Chocolate, my love!
Milk or dark or even white.
I am not choosy.

summer08 said...

Heat is truly here
Bring on fruity drinks and ice
Sonic here we come!

Marie Braden said...

Chawan mushi rules
Sav'ry egg custard goodness
My favorite food.

blossomteacher said...

oh my darling cheese
i could eat you all day long
why can't i quit you?

Amiyrah said...

Hi! I'm Amiyrah! Here is my masterpiece:

Blueberries are here
Indigo Mother Nature
Summer has begun

Michelle said...

Guacamole with
fresh fresh limes, and red onion
Lush, squishy and good.

Marian Paroo said...

Breakfast casserole,
so gooey and delicious...
Will be a good day.

Kay said...

Cool watermelon
Please don't spit your seeds at me.
Yummy summer fun.

An Adventurer in the World said...

No Sonics here but
Traveling to Sonic land
Will need Sustenance!

deb meyers :)

An Adventurer in the World said...

Eyes closed must open now
hot fragrant bitter smell wafts
from my coffee cup

deb meyers

iLikeRocks said...

That cherry limeade
Cools my heart, inside out though
Sonic is so far

(but worth it)

Brian said...

Burrito Grande
"Spicy Chicken Wrap With Rice"
Is there a difference?

Emma said...

Late night rolls around
Sonic Drive In hits the spot
Hot, tasty burgers

Heather said...

Okay, so not Zen, but true :) We'd LOVE to check out Sonic! The 2nd one in WI just opened not far from our house!

Begin the screaming,
Soft Serve, Custard, ICE CREAM
Summer is here now.

Claire Dawson said...

Sweet, freezing ice cream
Who says things have to be warm
to count as sinful?

nfhuth said...

Beans, fresh corn, bay leaf
Roma, potato, onion—
Any soup is good.

Emily said...

Indian Paneer
When combined with some spinach
Becomes Saag Paneer.

mmm... Now I have a Saag Paneer craving! :)

Clea said...

Winter or summer,
I start my day with oatmeal.
Sometimes end it, too.

special55k said...

bacon, is awesome
with cheese, chocolate, anything
i love it so much

Muki said...

pizza pizza piz
za pepperoni pizza
pizza pizza pie

Christi said...

The Classic kind,
Sweet Brown Nectar!

Kathi In NJ said...

Dear potato chips
Salty and crunchy goodness
Want to go to there

Brian said...

Cheeseburger, my love
best when juicy and cheesy
horrid when well done

Betsy said...

Tomatoes, my joy,
Red, yellow, purple, and green
Never a bad one