Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CHG: New and Improved!

With CHG’s relaunch comes a host of new and exciting improvements to the site. We're super-excited about them, and hope they provide y'all with a better blog experience. If you have any suggestions for more, we're always happy to hear them. In the meantime, behold!

What: A tag cloud!
Why: It’s pretty. Takes up less space than the old label list, too.

A Facebook page!
Why: All the kids have one these days.

A Twitter account! (Handle: KrisCHG.)
Why: Tryin' to keep with the times. Next, I'm planning on buying a phonograph to play records by this "Osmond Family" I keep hearing about.
Special Note: We’ll have both Facebook and Twitter buttons in the sidebar soon. (Meaning: as soon as I figure out how to do that.)

What: Stars (*) denoting vegan and vegetarian recipes in the Master Recipe List.
Why: Because vegans and vegetarians are people, too, dammit!

What: Occasional minor profanity.
Why: Hell if I know.

What: One recipe per week (Monday), plus occasional dishes from Veggie Might.
Why: Better food and burnout prevention. I discovered that coming up with two new recipes per week, plus another one for Serious Eats, could be a bit overwhelming at times. By losing one, I can concentrate more on the others, and insure a better overall culinary experience.

What: Popular Articles and Recipe Lists
Why: If my numbers are right Batman, these pieces have proven particularly useful to frugal cooks. If my numbers are wrong, the Joker’s got us cornered! BAM! THWAP!

What: Ads!
Why: I’m unemployed. Mama needs a new pair of … everything.
Special Note: Does anyone know how to get rid of ads between posts? I put them up via Blogger (not html), and now I can’t take them down. It’s driving me mad. Mad, I say!

What: Tuesdays off.
Why: $3 pints at the local alehouse. Also, laundry.

What: A Google search bar.
Why: It gives you search results without the whole article. Fancy!

What: Tuesday’s Megalinks are moving to Friday, and will become Top 10 Links of the Week. Fun quotes and videos will be added here and there, as well.
Why: The links seemed like a more natural fit as an end-of-week roundup, and condensing the list to the ten best stories should eliminate some of the slightly less engrossing features.

What: “If you like BLANK then you’ll love BLANK” At the end of each post.
Why: Who doesn’t love referrals?

What: Fiber calculations with recipes.
Why: Fiber is important! So is knowing its quantity when you’re on Weight Watchers. OP, represent!

I will be drinking more Dogfish Head Punkin Ale while typing.
Why: See #9.

Does that sound okay? What do you guys think? CHG’s always a work in progress, so thanks again for sticking around. It makes us happy in all the right ways.

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MS said...

Sounds great to me! I'm all for whatever keeps you posting. You've got one of my favorite blogs around! I'm always recommending it to friends who cook. I just wish I could remember how I got here in the first place so I could thank them!

Betsy said...

sounds good! :)

Kris said...

Thanks, you guys!

Krista said...

Sounds good to me!

Dan said...

I've always loved link clouds. I think they look better anyway.

And I like the popular features, too.

CJ said...

It was great before, now it's fantastic!

Reposted because of online error.

kittiesx3 said...

You crack me up and I'm just glad you are back. Drink up, Kris, first round is on me.

Cat Scott said...

You have obviously given this a lot of thought and I think it will be wildly successful! I'll even click on your links so you make some cash. p.s. Dogfish Head pumpkin ale? Yummers!

Mimi said...

I liked that Tuesday’s Megalinks were not at the end of the week like every other blog. Other than that it all sounds good and I'll keep reading regardless.

DMBY said...

The improvements look totally sweet - and I especially love the referrals idea!

Welcome back. :)

Nancy said...

Glad you're back up and running. It all sounds good to me.

Beth J said...

Sounds great to me! The only thing is...#10? There is no #10. Is that a joke I didn't get? :)

SnackSnoop said...

I LOVE Dogfish head Punk - in my fridge right now - but it is only 2:30 and I have to pick up my kids

Amy said...

I am just glad to have you all back.

I must add that Tuesday Megalinks always made me look forward to Tuesday, an otherwise depressing post-Monday-not-quite-hump-day-and-oh-so-far-from-the-weekend day.

I always look forward to Friday, regardless. I suppose a This Week's Top 10 will make Friday just that much more special.

Ashley said...

sounds like a lot of great new things!

lelaynia said...

All the iomprovements sound good!! I especially like #9 and the one that follows it, #9! The ale must be excellent!

Kris said...

Thanks so much you guys! And regarding #9/#9, I am very bad at counting. It should have the right numbers now.

Carter @ The Kitchenette said...

Yay for drinking, swearing, and more drinking!

Beth said...

Love the new features! BTW, you can link your FaceBook updates to your Twitter account. Voila! no more double posting.

Kristine said...

#5 is not an improvement. Most of the rest are.

Hannah @ CookingManager said...

Great ideas, many worth copying!

Mrs. Troy said...

The changes all sound great. This is one of my favorite blogs - so good to have you back.

Laura said...

I'm glad your back. Missed you. Don't beat yourself up about having to do the ads... can't write about new recipes if you don't have the food to make them. And THANKS for the Bean article! I'm on a continual mission to cook more beans.

Laura said...

So glad you're back! Keep up the good work. One idea for improvement that would be useful to me is to include amount protein in the calculations.

Gracie B. said...

Hi - when you configure your adsense, you have the option of placement of ads. Just go to blogger ---> settings ---> monetize, and it should come up. If it does't, let me know and I'll screenshot it for you.