Friday, November 6, 2009

Top 10 Links of the Week: 10/30/09 – 11/5/09

Good roundup this week, with a wide-ranging group of posts that might be the last of their kind before Thanksgivingmania takes over. To the right: Rach's kitteh, an LOLcat in the making.

1) Dark Roasted Blend: Weird Stuff McDonald’s Sells Around the World
McSpaghetti, anyone? How about some seaweed-flavored French fries? Perhaps a Thai Spicy Fish McDipper will entice you? If you’d like to see the food before decide, head over to this really neat roundup of regional Mickey D’s offerings, with lots of pictures, natch.

2) NPR: Taste Test -The Best Apple To Take The Heat
The folks in public radio recently tried to find the best baked apple. Honeycrisp received high marks, as did the Jonathan. A similar Saveur article found that Cortland and Empire apples held up well, while Cook’s Illustrated recommends the more obscure Northern Spy, Idared, and Macoun. The overwhelming loser: Granny Smiths. Who knew?

3) Casual Kitchen: How to Write a Killer Links Post That Everyone Will Want to Read

Makes the Top 10 for two reasons: 1) it’s excellent and 2) it's just so meta having it here. (Thanks, Dan!)

4) Jezebel: Food Racism Isn’t What We Thought it Was

ESPN’s Bob Griese was suspended after joking on-air that a Hispanic NASCAR driver was “out having a taco.” The incident spawned a new media term: food racism. Read the comment section debate for various opinions on its merit.

5) BBC: Depression Linked to Processed Food
This is one of those things you always suspected anyway, but it’s nice to see it confirmed by science. Y’know, like gravity and a heliocentric galaxy and the existence of dryer gnomes.

6) New York Times: A White House Chef Who Wears Two Hats
By day, he steams fish for the Obamas. By night, 29-year-old (hot) chef Sam Kass is one of the administration’s top advisors on food policy. Dude can advise me anytime. Unh. Yeah.

7) MSN Smart Spending: I was 'slow food' when slow food wasn't cool
Donna Freedman doles out some love for her slow cooker, a convenience appliance turned financial lifesaver. Personal and thoughtful, it will make you hug your crockpot.

8) Now That’s Nifty/Wall Street Journal: Why Don’t We Eat Dogs?
The somewhat surprising answer: it’s not because they don’t taste good.

9) New York Times: Someone’s in the Kitchen With Michelle - The Secret Ingredient Is Politics

Mrs. Obama will appear on Iron Chef next season, to drop the secret ingredient on a dream teamup of Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse vs. Bobby Flay and White House Chef Cristeta Comerford. If they added John Cleese between Alton and Michelle in that picture, it would be my fantasy dinner party.

10) The Atlantic: How Families Teach Healthy Eating
On the difficulties of cooking at home and promoting portion control early – sadly, with a clear emphasis on moms’ responsibilities. To which one commenter responds: “My only beef in your article is that you suggest that pregnant women should learn to cook - what about the fathers? Can't they do some work in the kitchen?” Seriously.


FailBlog: Safeway Fail
Oy. Kids these days.

Hillbilly Housewife: Plan Wisely When Investing In Your Holiday Turkey
Quick and dirty guide to frugal turkey buying.

Money Saving Mom: Freezer Cooking Day
And if that doesn’t make you nuts with envy, check out Fishmama’s list. Whoa.

MSNBC: 7-Eleven plans to sell its own brand of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon
If they make this the same way they make taquitos … god help us all.

New York Times: The Carnivore’s Dilemma
What is the real impact of a meat eater on the environment? And what can we do to lessen it? Good piece that's an honorable mention only due to its general blogosphere ubiquity.

The Kitchn: Proper Etiquette - Can You Kick Guests Out of the Kitchen?
Yes. My mother’s been doing it for decades.

Slashfood: Thanksgiving Prep – Four Weeks to Go
Get a head count and order that turkey, folks. Our National Day of Eating is upon us. Plan ahead so it won’t cost you a fortune.

ZagatBuzz: Ricardo Cardona - Chef to the Champions
A.k.a. What the Yankees Eat. Unmentioned: puppies, kitties, the blood of small children.


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Tasha said...

Hey, I really like your blog, and I appreciate all the time you put into it, but I want to point out that this:

"By night, 29-year-old (hot) chef Sam Kass is one of the administration’s top advisors on food policy. Dude can advise me anytime. Unh. Yeah."

is still sexism, even if it's a woman talking about a man. Reread it with the genders reversed, as if it were a man saying that about a woman. See how irritated/icky/sad that makes you feel?

chacha1 said...

Love the link to Donna Freedman's paean to the slow cooker! I just invented a pork pot roast recipe very close to hers, but with South Asian spices. Gooooooood. About 7 dollars worth of ingredients for 6+ meals (2 people, 3 meals each).

DMBY said...

I already really, really liked this blog. But your comment about the ZagatBuzz? I now love you for life!

Lucky said...

The orange clogs against the orange dress is too much for me on a Friday afternoon...

Kristine said...

Why don't we eat dogs? Because they're carnivores. Believe it or not, one of the biblical dietary restrictions is to not eat carnivores. So people that are influenced by the Bible in their culture are going to have a hard time with it. Jonathan Safran Foer needs to do his research next time.

For processed foods contributing to depression, I believe it. Makes lots of sense to me.

Lake said...

Since you're tapping the profile of the White House chef, you should also check out the White House food blog, Sam Kass is alllll over it, with more photos than you could imagine because the blogger is there all the time. It has recipes and lots of other White House food stuff--that NY Times profile is the tip of the iceberg.

Also, on the sexism thing: C'mon, can't overlook the fact that the bro is smokin'. Pretty sure if Sam Kass was female and equally good looking that would be pointed out by everyone. He can advise me all day, too.
> Slow Cookers rule. You do, too!

Heather said...

Agree with Lake on the Kass note.

Next from 7-11: The chardonnay slurpee..
anyone? anyone?

More photos of cats, please!

Doctor Ci said...

Well said, and as always everyone has an opinion that may not coincide with others and be the only correct one. Well, thank you