Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 Best CHG Articles of 2009

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Every Wednesday, we at CHG post longer pieces relating to our central thesis of nutritious, inexpensive food. The article topics range from simple how-tos to recipe compilations to extended pondering about food and pop culture. Generally, they’re a good time.

Though we took a little break towards the end of the year, 2009 has produced some of our best Wednesday posts yet. (Modesty: it’s what’s for Christmas.) These are my ten favorites, plus a few honorable mentions. If you’ve seen ‘em already, they may be worth revisiting, at least for stunning pictures of chicken breast. If you haven’t seen them yet … well, it’s gonna be a good day.

1) 1 Chicken, 17 Healthy Meals, $26 Bucks, No Mayo
In which a single chicken named Charles yields a week of delicious meals, plus lots of hand washing.

2) 19-Hour Food Network Running Diary: The Whole Thing and Various Conclusions
This just happened, and I’m still reeling from almost four hours of Paula Deen, y'all (who, by the way, chopped one of the few vegetables of the day).

3) 65 Cheap, Healthy, One-Dish Meals with Good Leftover Potential
George Clooney pictures! Also, food.

4) Veggie Might: Reaching into the Mailbag—Mom Seeks Help with Teen Veg
I loved Leigh’s take on a kid just discovering vegetarianism, and how her parents can both help out and understand it themselves.

5) Spend Less, Eat Healthier: The Five Most Important Things You Can Do
CHG in a nutshell. If you’re new to the blog, this post is a great place to get an idea about what we do.

6) A Beginner’s Guide to Beans, Plus 42 Bean Recipes
We do a ton of recipe compilations here, but this one sticks out. Beans are fantastic meat replacements – healthier and cheaper than any beef, and most chicken and pork. Also, they're inherently funny, unlike lamb or something.

7) 10 Modern Food Myths, Busted
Whether you’re wondering about acai berries or puzzled over baby carrots’ link to cancer (note: it doesn’t exist), this post has the answers.

8) Lighten Any Meal: 10 Easy, Inexpensive Steps to Healthier Recipes
Anyone can cut the fat and calories from their meals (but still keep the flavor) with these super-simple tricks. ANYONE, I SAY.

9) How to Tell if a Recipe is Cheap and Healthy Just By Looking at it
In a related story, you might not have to lighten anything if you know what you’re starring out with. (You're not supposed to end sentences with "with," are you? These days, I just don't know what I'm thinking with.)

10) Feeding a Group on Vacation
If you’re headed to warmer climates this winter, this post will keep your family and friends from pulling a Donner Party.


26 Common Food Labels, Explained
What’s a pasture-raised cow? And what do antioxidants do? Does “low fat” mean anything? Find out here!

Information Central: 32 Free Food Charts, Checklists, and Wallet-Sized Guides
Do you like having things in your wallet? Me too!

Overcoming Your Cooking Obstacles
With monkey photos! And valuable advice. But mostly monkey photos!

Weekly Menu Planning for Singles, Couples, and Working People
a.k.a. I Love Lists.

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Daniel said...

Once again, conclusive proof that you run an exceptional blog that adds a ton of value to your readers. And a lot of good humor. All the best for another great year of blogging in 2010 Kris!

Casual Kitchen

Academic2 said...

We have used your One chicken / one week compilation repeatedly. We love it. LOVE IT, esp the roasted chicken and the curried chicken and the chicken chili. Once we've used up all the chicken, I make stock for chicken soup with homemade egg noodles. mmmm.

We make it with a much smaller, organic, local, blah blah chicken which is eye-popping expensive. (It is also yummy.)

I really like the compilation and the expense of the chicken. I know that sounds odd. But it reminds me to be careful with food, to eat it all, and to use as much of the chicken as possible.

Melissa said...

I only used to come here because of Dan at CK constantly linking to you on Fridays, but that is true no more. This recap of 2009 has now earned CHG a new spot in my Google Reader. You are just the awesome. I absolutely loved the chicken post and will take a few of those recipes when next I roast a chicken. And the FN Liveblogging? I have no words. Well, actually, I do, but I left them on that particular post. I could have gone on and on...

Kris said...

Dan, Academic, and Melissa, thank you so much. It's really wonderful having supporters like you guys. It makes the blogging thing totally worth all the dishes.