Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ask the Internet: Kitchen Wedding Registry How-to?

Today’s Ask the Internet is all me, sweet readers.

Q: I am a nice lady in her early 30s. This autumn, I will be hitching my wagon to a man of unparalleled studmuffinery, himself in his mid 30s. We’re currently in the process of creating a wedding registry.

Over the years, we’ve amassed a pretty good collection of kitchen gear, meaning we have many of the basics covered (pots, utensils, stand mixers, etc.). However, we’d like to add a few things that will be useful down the line, perhaps for cooking with kids or serving larger groups. Do you have any suggestions? What's been most useful to you from your registry?

P.S. Aside from the main questions, a toaster recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

A: Readers, this one’s all you. I have no idea what I’m doing. Thank you!

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Wendy said...

We got married in our early 30s too (it was my second wedding). We went to Bed Bath & Beyond and chose things that were fun - lots of barware, serveware, upgraded a few things. I'm sure if you go together and browse you'll find lots of things that catch your eye.

Marie said...

Register for good knives and good pans! I got married over six years ago and I got everything on my registry (dishes, small electrics, towels, etc.) but I didn't register for pans becuase I thought what I had was acceptable. Now years later I have just bought a much nicer set for myself and I'm so glad that I did and I'm kicking myself for not asking for them when everyone was buying me stuff!!!

PS Don't get the Kitchen Aid toaster. Someone gave us one because it would match the rest of our appliances but it doesn't toast!

D said...

I got one of those pyrex dishes with a carrier and hot/cold pack that's been really useful. And I registered for lots of white serving platters and bowls - can never go wrong with those. Don't get the B. Michaels crap from BBB - a lot of it's broken in the box and I had to return multiple pieces several times before I gave up.

saucyandbossy said...

A Dutch Oven! My husband and I failed to register for this and had to get it after the fact -- and though we got a great one, it would have been a nice registry item.

Also, I'd update your cookie sheets and get some high quality bamboo spoons. And don't be afraid to register for little gadgets that you see (much to Alton Brown's dismay...), otherwise you might get stuck with some weird weird crap from some random relative. Trust me.

Trebuchet said...

I bake a lot, so I use my silicone mats constantly (the most popular one is Silpat, but there are others).

If you have a stand mixer I also highly recommend the paddle attachment with the silicone scraper so it scrapes the bowl while mixing (you can find that on Amazon).

The French White Corningware set is also a favorite of mine. My parents used to put theirs on the grill to do potatoes - they're indestructible!

But really, your registry depends on the stores you choose, which is dependent on where your group will normally shop. I did Crate & Barrel, Macys, and Amazon, and only my Maid of Honor bought from Amazon because she felt bad that no one touched it. :) Congratulations!

Alicia said...

When we opened the waffle iron (which makes waffles shaped like hearts, you know the one?) at our wedding shower, we grimaced and thought, "yeah, right." But you know what? We've used the heck outta that thing, especially since we had our daughter. It can even be used as a sort of George Foreman grill- I've cooked slices of eggplant on it before. Consider it....

Nicole said...

Register for good knives! Wustof, Shun, whatever you want, but make it count. They are satisying gifts to give and receive, plus they are something you will actually use everyday.

A good knife (and knowing how to use it) will replace drawers full of crappy avocado slicers, strayberry hullers, etc.

Michelle said...

My Emile Henry baking/serving pieces from Williams Sonoma were pricey but outlasted the marriage! A genius friend gave me a gift certificate from there also to let me fill in with extra pieces.

BBB and Macy's are also great bets.

Sulwyn said...

My favorite things (we got married a little over a year ago) were the corninware/pyrex sets. I also wish that we had registered for really good pans, even though we had some decent ones already. Just make sure that you register for good quality stuff. A couple of things I cheaped out on and chose something a little lower on the price scale than what I really wanted and they have already broken or don't work well. Lesson learned. As for toasters, I can second the Kitchen Aid suggestion, as well as say that most of the less expensive brands (kind of like the store brands) aren't so great either.

Alicia said...

The internet is a strange and wonderful thing.....as a followup to my waffle recommendation, here is a website that gives multiple recipes (non waffle) for waffle irons! Hash browns are only the beginning.....

c.r.a. said...

I have no registry suggestions, as I am currently in the same boat myself, but I do like my toaster oven. It's a Black & Decker convection oven (http://www.blackanddeckerappliances.com/p-121-convection-countertop-oven.aspx) that I got at Home Depot and it works great.

flybigd said...

Amen on the knives and corning ware w/carrier. Williams Sonoma has carried a set of nesting glass bowls, from tablespoon size to huge (I think it's eleven bowls in all) that I have had for *years* and use them for everything. Price is reasonable too!

Marcia said...

Things that I have purchased for myself as I have approached 40 with a child.

Good cast iron skillet
Pressure cooker
Dutch oven
Pyrex dishes (round, rectangular) with LIDS for leftovers, baking, of various sizes
Immersion blender
Blendtec high-speed blender
Panasonic Bread Machine
Pizza stone

I use a toaster oven, not a toaster

chacha1 said...

I second the nesting glass bowls. I use them constantly. And I love my two Shun knives (4" utility and 7" santoku), hardly use anything else. Deep saute pan with lid, works for everything from risotto to sauteed vegetables to chili (we got the copper one from WS). We also use our crock pot frequently. The wok, on the other hand, never.

JJ said...

I recommend the following: 6-quart enamel coated Dutch Oven (try Lodge brand, I don't think Le Creuset is worth the money).

Good knives: Most important are an 8" Chef's knife and a paring knife.

A pressure cooker: 45-mins for a roast, 10 minutes for soaked, dried beans? Sign me up.

A pampered chef can opener. No more sharp edges. Love it.

We also love our hand-me-down corning ware set. Both for cooking as well as storage in the refrigerator.

JuLo said...

It's definitely an excuse to get, as others have said, some expensive knives and pans.

If you're looking down the line for larger groups and kids, think about just your basic dishes and silverware. Do you have enough? You could get a few more sets that matches, or get a whole new set. Also, dinners for larger groups require serving dishes, so you could register for some nice serving platters, big bowls, larger casserole dishes and roasting pans, serving spoons. Maybe a pie server or gravy boat or a big beautiful bamboo salad bowl. Think about those things that would be nice to have that you've just never gone out and bought yourself.

Some things I love love love in my kitchen is my microplane grater, crock pot, immersion blender. If you like to bake consider some new cookie sheets (you can't have too many!), cake pans, a silpat.

Good luck!

kittiesx3 said...

I use a toaster oven also, and would never willingly use a toaster toaster again. What's the point in that? You can only toast bread or English muffins or bagels in it. Now my toaster oven, on the other hand, is great for all sorts of small baking--but you do need to get a good one otherwise you'll end up with wacky temperatures. I had a Delonghi toaster oven for years and just gave it to our son and daughter-in-law because we needed a smaller one.

eggroll34 said...

We got married in our late 20s after living together for a few years so we didn't need much when it came to knives & cookware (my husband was a culinary student at the time). So the registry thing was a little overwhelming and kind of exhausting.

We registered primarily at Target, Macy's & Amazon. The most often used items that we registered for and received are a nice set of Wustof steak knives along with some basic white porcelain service ware - for when we have people over- our everyday flatware, the pyrex prepware set, some new cutting boards and a decent rice cooker. Oh and the Spotbot was a nice surprise, not often used but very handy.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but most registries give you a nice discount for purchasing items not received as gifts after your wedding.

In light of that, we added a number of items we knew we wanted but didn't expect anyone to buy for us, so we could buy it ourselves with the discount. All the gift cards we received went toward those items, mostly household things like nice towels, pillows and upgrading to the fancy schmancy coffee maker.

As for a toaster recommendation, we love our cheapo toaster/toaster oven combo. It doesn't take up a lot of space & it does the job well. http://www.target.com/Hamilton-Beach-Toastation-Gray-Black/dp/B000Z59AUQ/ref=br_1_3?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=1&searchView=grid5&searchNodeID=11717761&node=11717761&searchRank=pmrank&searchPage=1&searchSize=30&id=Hamilton%20Beach%20Toastation%20Gray%20Black

Sara said...

you can never have too much pyrex IMHO. register for all the swanky high end stuff you dont want to pay for yourself but lust over. placemats and other linens. we got 12 even though we currently dont have seating anywhere in the house for 12. i love my fine china, even if i use it 3 times a year tops.

I Heart Kale said...

One more vote for nesting glass bowls, pyrex and good knives. Also, consider:

*Even if you have a blender and a food processor, you would take this opportunity to upgrade to a really high-quality one of either or both.
*Really nice Le Creuset pans that can go from stovetop to oven to table. Too expensive to buy yourself, awesome to own.
*A Crock-Pot

erinlaughs said...

Serving platters and bowls. They make entertaining so much easier.

I second good knives as well.

Kris said...

You guys, this is so wonderful. Thank you very, very much. A few details:

-I think the Corningware is definitely going on the list. We have two of their smaller bowls already, but a few larger servers would certainly help.

-We have two fantastic Wusthof chefs knives, but no steak knives.

-What do you guys think of a cast iron pan? Or a griddle/grill pan? Do you use yours if you have 'em?

-Alicia, I saw that same waffle iron article. Weird, right?

-Do we dare ask for Le Creuset? Will people think we're nuts?

Meredith said...

If you register for china, choose a pattern which is available in a box set instead of individual place settings. Huge savings there, often with serving pieces included! Ditto on stainless flatware.

I would also add 12 (or more) white cotton restaurant napkins. Pottery Barn has a nice set.

Some type of big serving tray. I like Wilton Armetale. It can be heated in the oven/grill and remains hot for serving, or chilled in the fridge and remains cool for a long while.

We're so so happy for you and hope you link to your registry selections online (hint hint).

Lauren said...

I use my panini grill almost every day to fix grilled cheese sandwiches or quesadillas for my little guy. I would also recommend a nice quality rice maker with a veggie steamer attachment.

c.r.a. said...

You can absolutely ask for Le Creuset. I think the key for a registry to have items at various price points, so there is something for every budget. I have everything from a $4 wooden spoon (hey, I use them and they don't last forever, so new ones would be nice) to a Le Creuset dutch oven on my list.

And if no one buys the Le Creuset, that's okay, as eggroll34 mentioned at least the store will give me a discount, so I can buy it myself.

Laura said...

I vote yes on the cast iron. We had a heavy duty cast iron skillet that we used for nearly everything the first two years of our marriage. Some things just taste better cooked in cast iron. Bonus: It also served as our backup home security plan; two more ounces and we would have had to register it as a weapon.

Other things we love:
Mandolin slicer
Pizza stones
Quarter-size sheet pans

And may I sing the praises of our Pampered Chef kitchen brush? We've had it for nearly 10 years (got it as a gift), and it is still like new. The bristles are stiff, it has an edge for getting cooked on crud off pans, etc., and you can throw it in the dishwasher. Next to my husband, I probably love that brush as much as anything in my kitchen! And I just checked: it's only $9! Even your cheap--ahem, frugal--friends can afford that!

Happy registering!

P.S. I'm not affiliated with Pampered Chef, except by my love for my kitchen brush.

Linda J-H said...

Knives! and a knifeblock. My favorites are Global.

saucyandbossy said...

You should definitely ask for Le Creuset. You're never goign to get another chance in your life to ask for expensive stuff. If you wanted to register for a $5000 pie plate like someone my husband and I know...that's probably not a good idea.

Also, don't underestimate the beauty of registering for gift cards. It makes a good gift for friends to get you.

girlblake said...

My cast iron pan never even leaves my stove top because it gets used so often. If you season it well (you can buy preseasoned too) and wipe it down without soap after each use, it is an invaluable tool in the kitchen. I use it to cook all my meats in, from bacon to chicken to pork. It gives a great sear and heats evenly, plus it can go from stovetop to oven. I also take mine camping for use on a campstove (and even on a campfire in a pinch). The Lodge brand is fairly inexpensive and will last forever.

Jennifer said...

Big wooden spoons, locking tongs (big ones, smaller ones, ones for nonstick pans), a microplane. Upgrade your knives! I regretted registering for a less expensive set but then ended up buying them all for myself.

Anna N said...

My two cents (from someone who's never had a registry, just asked for a lot of kitchen stuff for birthday presents):

- Yes, you can ask for a Le Creuset! I would even call it thrifty: I have a 3 1/2 quart oval one that I use at least once a week to bake Jim Leahy's no-knead bread. Since no-knead bread costs about $0.50 per loaf (depending on cost of flour, mostly), I figure I'm saving about $3 per loaf and the pan paid for itself in less than a year.

- I totally love cast iron frying pans; they're the only kind I own. They're pretty inexpensive and last forever. They also increase the amount of iron in your diet (which is great for me since I'm vegetarian). I would highly recommend a big one (10 or 12 inches); mine are Lodge brand (seasoned).

- If you have a gas stove and think you'll have one in the future, I think cast iron griddles are awesome (the kind that are flat and fit over 2 stove burners). They give you tons of space to make pancakes on, and don't take much space to store because they're flat.

- Ice cream attachment for the stand mixer? If you ever want to make ice cream, this sure beats buying a separate ice cream maker in terms of storage space required.

- A springform cake pan, if you don't have one. For cheesecake, and also for any other cake, because it's a lot easier to get things out of a springform pan.

- A microplane grater/zester, if you don't already have one.

- Check this blog post for small items you could add, for people who don't want to spend much: http://teaandcookies.blogspot.com/2009/12/small-cheap-useful-holiday-gift-guide.html

Lady Rois said...

I have to give a big YES to the toaster oven... I haven't had a regular toaster in years but use my toaster oven all. the. time. Get one big enough to actually bake in - BBB sells a toaster oven baking set and Pampered Chef has a small stoneware pan that fits in ours perfectly!

I <3 my toaster oven.

As for registry gifties - we registered for stuff we'd use but were too cheap to buy ourselves, like a good quality digital scale, spiffy microplaner for zesting and grinds up nutmeg like nobody's business, good quality TV trays, and an awesome salad spinner.

We also are big fans of salt and pepper grinders - I would highly recommend the OXO grinders.

Anonymous said...

One thing we registered for, but didn't get, was the extra mixing bowl and wire whisk or paddle for our KitchenAid mixer (something I purchased for myself in college). When my friend's wedding rolled around, I did some checking on models and got her the second set for her stand mixer and it sounds like it has been useful. There are too many instances where the pieces have been sitting in the dishwasher and I'm too lazy to handwash them. Plus, it makes holiday cookie time easier!

Angie said...

First, we followed Alton Brown's gear guide sugguestion of putting all utensils, pots, pans, etc. into one drawer or marking them with tape. If you use an item that isn't holiday related in a 6 month time period you can keep it (we acutally said 4 months for us). We got rid of a LOT more stuff than we thought we would. Then the best stuff that you could get:
Wooden spoons, some nice heavy duty ones
A large soup/stock pot for cooking for kids/family
This set: http://www.target.com/CorningWare-10-pc-Bakeware-French-White/dp/B00005OTWU
I'm acutally surprised by how often I use that set. I dont have a tube pan and use the larger round pan to make cakes in that call for a tube pan and just cook them a bit longer.
A nice set of steak knives
And I love our stick blender that we got
I agree on not getting the Kitchen aid toaster, it really doesn't toast, I like our Oaster cheapy much better.
A medium sized cast iron skillet (don't get it if you're not going to take care of it though)
I agree that you should register for less expensive stuff because we got some weird, weird stuff from relatives who didn't have much money.
A viking stand mixer, if people are willing to go in together on it, you'll love it far better than a kitchen aid mixer if you do a lot of baking.
Waffle Iron!! A must have. If you don't want belgium waffles (like me) then make sure you register for one that isn't that style.

Kris said...

Augh! Everyone, thank you again so much.

Lady Rois, good call - we are definitely getting salt and pepper grinders. Husband-Elect found a pair at Crate & Barrel that look exactly like bomb detonators. They instantly became his favorite thing in the world.

Saucyandbossy - a $5000 pie plate? Those exist? That pie better be really good.

Meredith - Husband-Elect really digs cloth napkins, but I was unsure. Do you think they clean okay? Maybe it'll be good practice for cloth diapers...

Okay, I think we might ask for a Le Creuset. Is it weird that it makes me nervous?

Christina said...

I'm not in the experienced-with-wedding-registries boat, but I can tell you with total certainty that two of my most precious kitchen items are a large cast iron skillet (Lodge) that I bought for myself and a Le Creuset dutch oven that I got as a gift.

I know the dutch oven was expensive, but it is so useful - for soups, braising, etc., and it goes from stovetop to oven to table. Also, easy to clean!

I use the cast iron skillet all the time, and it gets better (more non-stick) with every use. It's awesome for making fajitas, pancakes, and searing steak or chicken breasts. Get a big one (12").

letthemeatlentils said...

Le Creuset dutch oven
Shun chef's knife
Cast Iron Skillet
Rice Cooker (my mom used this constantly to bulk up our meals for pennies)
Skillet (for pancakes!)

letthemeatlentils said...

a rice cooker! My mom used this all the time to bulk up our meals for pennies. We loved measuring out the rice and water as kids.

Anonymous said...

I have been married nearly 15 years now and the gifts that have lasted are:
the fine china (if you start being the holiday hostess, you're glad to have it)
silver (people bought us place settings of silver to round out my grandma's set--don't be shy about asking for the nice stuff)
crystal wine glasses
Wilton Armetale tray (goes from oven to table)
waffle iron
ceramic baking dishes
wooden carving board
canisters for flour,sugar,salt

And stuff that I love now that I have kids:
Pyrex containers with covers
air popcorn popper
condiment cups (for dipping!)
cookie cutters
dessert bowls (1 cup size)

And stuff that I just like:
microplane zester
mortar and pestle
spices from Penzey's

This is my first comment, so hope it helps! Thanks for the blog---it is awesome.

Dogfood Provider said...

Dare to ask for Le Creuset! I inherited 3 pieces of it that are older than I am and they are still going strong at about 35 years of age. :-) No one has suggested stemware -- I love wine. How about some classic vino glasses or a set of champagne flutes? They are easy to tuck away in their boxes in the attic or garage if you're not using them, but oh so fun to have when the occasion calls for them. I'll also give you my standard advise for a registry: register for a lot of stuff at a lot of price points at stores you LIKE. That last bit is important, because stores will without fail take registry items back and give you a magical GIFT CARD for them! Then, if you have gotten 61 silpats because everyone knows you love to bake, you can decide to trade them in and get yourself a Le Crueset dutch oven. WIN/WIN!

DMBY said...

Absolutely the Le Creuset dutch oven. We got married relatively young (I was 25), and a friend who worked in finance bought it for us. I love that thing.
Also really appreciate the family friend who bought our full set of (nice) wine and champagne glasses. I wasn't sure about the flutes at first but they are really pretty and I feel so fancy when I use them. :)
I also recommend the good knives. I see that you are looking for steak knives. Another good chef's knife is always a plus too.
Items that were kind of a bust: the linens. We got a few random hand towels and a comforter cover, but it was too disparate and too much work to complete all the sets. Also the KitchenAid toaster, which was fine for a while but eventually went the way of the round file. Just stick with a cheap one and replace it every year or so.

AmyinMotown said...

YES on the white restaurant napkins (mine are from Williams-Sonoma). No matter what your china or tablecloth color is, they always match, and look rich and substantial. Plus they're big so they are nice for lining baskets of bread or bagels and pastry at brunch,etc. I'd get lots. And I'm a total slob and they always wash up just fine with a little Oxyclean.

The only small electric I'd recommend for life with kids is a griddle. My mom had a cast iron one and hated it, so she bought herself and me electric ones. I make pancakes for the monkeys most Saturday mornings and this makes it a lot faster, plus it's good for grilled sandwiches, etc. Cookie cutters are also nice. You'll end up getting handy baby-related stuff at baby showers when that happens.

And yes go for the Le Creuset. My husband's family is from the damn hinterlands and insisted we register at places they could go to, so no Williams-Sonoma. Plus I was just really getting into cooking at the time so I didn't even know what I wanted or needed. Now I really really wish I had one. My Kitchen Aid mixer came from a big family who I grew up with and it was a group gift from the parents and their five kids. People will do that stuff, especially if they know you really like to cook.

Someone else mentioned serving platters, and YES, do that, you can never have too many. Get them in either your "everyday" china, or plain white, or both. You might get some from your nice china, too, if you are registering for that. Plain white is the best, though, because it goes with everything.

Enjoy!! It's fun. My biggest advice is stay away from the small electrics they try to push on you (quesadilla maker, margarita maker, etc.). You end up never using them.

Lori said...

My husband and I just got married this spring and I have been collecting kitchen items since I was 18 (I'm not 18 anymore).
One f the things that I am really happy to have gotten was a nice set of cutlery. We had a hand me down wet, but to have a real grown up day to day set that we love is great! I would also recommend registering for some good knives, and I love the Pyrex set with baking dishes and bowls that come with snap on lids. I love these lids! They make it really easy to store leftovers and keep the critters out when in the cupboards(if that's a problem). I also use my new hand blender almost everyday.

chryztyners said...

i'd like to link you to my blog. you're great!!☺

Anonymous said...

Do they have a Marshall's store in NY? Marshall's is a great place to get individual pieces of Le Crueset at a reduced price. They also have other brands of enameled cast iron. The selection will vary, but just keep checking. My parents gave us our first set of Le Crueset as a wedding gift 44 years ago. We've averaged a new set every decade. They really don't last forever, at least not in my experience.

AJP said...

Lots of good comments! Mine are: Don't be afraid to register for an upgrade on things you already have. I got some nicer pots and pans, although the ones I had were decent. Also, register for a lot of something in the general price-range that your family and friends will find acceptable, then you can return all those items and get something more expensive that no one got you.

Example: general price range in my "culture" is $20 for a wedding gift (I know, I hear about people getting $200 wedding gifts from aunts and uncles and I about fall out of my chair). So we registered for doubles of plate sets, glassware, napkins, etc for around $20. Then we collected the extras all up and returned them to get the KitchenAid that no one would buy us. Then we could still say we loved using the glassware and thought of them, but we still got the KitchenAid. Maybe your big ticket item is a new mattress or a new car or something less cheap-o than me.

Oh, and people will give you all kinds of weird crap no matter what you registered for. And that's ok. Makes for good stories!

Robyn 'My Middle Name Is Awesome' said...

CAST IRON! It will last a lifetime and nothing cooks like it. It's not that pricey and it will cook like nobody's business! In my cast iron skillet I cook everything from meals to desserts.

Juliann said...

I won't bother to echo all the great suggestions already made but one thing I love is my Cuisinart Griddler. My hubby & I registered for it after having one too many mimosas at the Crate & Barrel wedding party thing. When someone purchased it for us we were wondering if we would really use it. Turns out, we use it all the time.

It works as a panini press, indoor grill and an electric griddle. So you get the combo of great stuff.

And I say go for the Le Creuset. It's amazing what people buy you for your wedding.

Jessica said...

If you don't think it's too extravagant, register for a KitchenAid mixer in a color that complements your kitchen. It's fabulous and you'll love it,

Maureen F said...

Congratulations. We are also in a small NYC apartment and married in our 30s. We registered for nice knives, a sharpener, and fiesta ware in a smattering of colors (which is easily replaceable if it breaks and fun to use daily).

We got a nice shun butcher block cutting board as well.

Through Amazon, we added bike stuff, which helps remove some of the wedded-bliss poundage.

The thing we were happiest with, though, was registering via the I Do Foundation. A percentage of our gift price was donated to the charity of our choice, and lots of people just gave a donation in our names. It was a lovely way to start off our marriage, and the various donations totaled almost $1000. And that little thank you card fit nicely in our tiny kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I love my pressure cooker-the best $65 I spent last year.

Rachel B. said...

I haven't yet been through this, but my sis, who's now lived with her wedding presents for a year and a half, says that she's grateful for the punch bowl. Certainly, that's a thing I wouldn't normally have in my kitchen.

(If I ever get married, I'm putting a stand mixer on the registry.)

Anonymous said...

A good springform pan. I use my Kaiser pan just about every holiday for cheesecakes.

Anonymous said...

I'm older, been married once and didn't register for anything. My children are your age.

I vote yes on the white napkins, though I have one friend who uses white hand towels for everyday napkins and another who uses hand knitted dish cloths for napkins. They all work just fine! I buy them by the dozen and when they get too stained they become cleaning cloths. (By the way, diapers became cleaning cloths, too. I just got rid of the very last of them a few years ago!)

I'm not a matchy-matchy kind of gal, but I buy all linens in white. Dishes, too.

I agree with most of the other suggestions: good pots and pans, good knives, Le Creuset, nested glass mixing bowls, Corning Ware French White, cast iron skillet and a pressure cooker. I'd say quality over quantity and keep it simple Don't plan/buy ahead too much for children and future entertaining needs. Chances are things you buy now aren't what you'll need or want then.

I love the idea of the extra bowl/paddle/whisk attachment for the stand mixer.

I'd keep appliances to a minimum, largely because it seems they're all designed to be replaced every few years. My parents had one toaster the entire time they were married. I've had to get a new one every 3-5 years. My mom died when I was a teen-ager in 1965. I used her blender until 2000 when it finally died. It wasn't fancy, but it did the job. If I can do something without the appliance, I do.

raquel said...

I got married young and without too much cooking and baking experience. If I could register again these would be my most important items:
-pressure cooker
-excellent quality foor processor
-immersion blender
-heavy duty mixer (one with a motor strong enough to mix bread dough, mine wasn't)
-cast iron pans
- assorted collection of metal bowls for mixing
-metal dishes for baking (I tend to break most ceramic/glass ones, so I'm resigned to metal ones)

Becca said...

having been married about 5 years and having a 1 year old baby, this is what I recommend:
an electric griddle. Makes pancakes and grilled sandwiches easier. Register for a good brand. Mine is rather cheap and is starting to show it's age.
accessories you know you will use with your stand mixer. I just got a KitchenAid for Christmas and already want the ingredient shield and the food slicer.
Good pots and pans. My family was good enough to buy us the $200 heavy duty stainless steel (I think they are Belgique Classique brand from Macy's) pots and pans and I LOVE them. They don't go in the dishwasher (too often), but they are oven safe to I think 400 or something, so I can roast in them.
Cast iron- if you don't have it, register for it. I have a skillet and a dutch oven and I use the dutch oven often. The skillet not so much, but that's because I have a ceramic top stove and am afraid I will scratch/bang the top and break it (the stove, not the pan).
A matching set of silverware if you don't have it. (We made do with what we had for at least 2 years before I finally opened the "new" set we got at our wedding. What a difference it made! Dinner felt nicer with matching spoons.)
Cloth napkins- even if you think you might possibly some day switch to all cloth all the time, register for them now. I didn't, and wish I had. Especially with a one year old who tries to feed herself, I go through a TON of paper towels. And I keep wash clothes in the kitchen for her too.
Don't be afraid to register for non-kitchen stuff too- sheets, matching bathroom accessories, a vacuum if you need it. You can always take stuff back if you decide you didn't really want it or would rather have X instead.

Becca said...

Also, forgot to mention: I have a Cuisinart compact 4 slice toaster that was about $70 that I love. (Not sure of the model, sorry.) I've had it for about 4 months and it actually toasts- a little too well sometimes. We had the "egg mcmuffin" toaster that made the egg and the toast and heated the meat at the same time, and it died after just 2 years of service. We've also had the Sunbeam toaster. Don't recommend it. Whatever you do, go for the 4 slice. Especially with multiple people wanting toast at the same time, it is a lifesaver. Or if your soon to be hubby eats 4 slices of toast for breakfast in the morning like mine, he doesn't have to wait as long.

John said...

I highly recommend the Breville Ikon 4-slice Toaster. It works awesome on bagels and toast. Its a little pricey, but definitely worth it. BBB Link: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=14148981