Friday, January 29, 2010

Top 10 Links of the Week: 1/22/10 – 1/28/10

This week, we question authority, stand up to The Man, and discuss some lovely options for midday snacks. Tally ho!

1) Serious Eats: How Do You Eat for a Week for $50?
I think this thread might be longer than the Constitution. And the ideas are just as excellent. What, me exaggerate?

2) GMA: Grocery Bill Was 'Out of Control,' but Year-Long Meal Plan Saves Texas Woman Time and Money
Leslie Chisholm, mother of four boys, started planning her family’s dinner a year in advance. It took some time, but she’s managed to reduce her grocery bill by half. Moms take note! (Note: it’s a video.)

3) Slashfood: What Can I Get You Folks – Using Your Coupon
“For whatever reason, coupon users tend to be among the most impolite diners,” says Slashfood columnist/waitressing vet Hanna Raskin. Here, she suggests ways to avoid being that guy. A solid comment thread follows the post. (Incidentally, when I worked in the food industry, the very best and very worst customers were almost always senior citizens.)

4) Jezebel: OK Helps Kourtney Shed Baby Weight with Photoshop Phony Diet
This whole piece is just emblematic of why I love Jez, but especially this sentence: “Since women have already learned from other magazine covers to loathe their ‘bikini bodies’ and that they should be wrinkle-free after 40, why not send the message that their bodies aren't good enough mere days after they've brought forth life?”

5) Jezebel: Whole Foods Employee BMI Discount Raises Legal Concerns
Whole Foods is giving discounts to workers in good shape. Normally, this would anger me, since it seems like discrimination. But here’s the hitch: if you’re trying to project a certain image with your business, does it make sense to encourage employees to uphold that impression? Hooters does it. (Note: This is a devil's advocate kind of question. IMHO, it's discrimination.)

6) The Kitchn: Quick and Light – 14 Ideas for Fresh and Easy Snacks
All of a sudden, I’m hungry for kale chips. And roasted chickpeas. And granola. And … you get the idea.

7) The Simple Dollar: Trimming the Average Budget – Alcoholic Beverages
For all this talk about frugal food, you don’t see booze mentioned very often. Trent attempts to remedy the situation with smart tippling strategies. As always, the comment thread is required reading. Drink up!

8) Coupon Sherpa: Recipe for Survival - 23 Ways Restaurants Save Money
Restaurants have taken some serious hits these last few years, so it’s logical they’re making cutbacks. Many are pretty reasonable, but a few border on unethical, e.g., the porcelain plates with bumps built in to make it look like you have more food. (Thanks to Simple Dollar for the link.)

9) Consumerist: You Ignore Calorie Info for Yourself, but Not Your Kids
Oh, man. So interesting. Parents buying fast food dinners for their kids saved 100 calories per meal when the nutritional data was posted on the menus (670 calories vs. 570 calories). Apparently, this can mean 10 pounds per year, ungained by children.

10) Serious Eats: Taste Test – Veggie Burgers
Morningstar Grillers: still the best! Even after all these years out of college, when vegetarian friends taught me they were totally the best!

HONORABLE MENTIONS Weight Watchers Sues Jenny Craig
It’s like the ‘90s East Coast/West Coast hip-hop feuds, starring Valerie Bertinelli instead of Suge Knight.

The Kitchn: 6 Ways to Reuse Oatmeal Tins
As someone on an oatmeal kick of epic proportions, this will come in handy.

Neatorama: Brain Slug Cupcakes
Because sometimes, you just want a cupcake shaped like a brain slug.

New York Times: The New Old Way to Tote Your Beer
If you’re a serious microbrew fan, growlers are your best friends. They’re essentially gallon jugs that you can refill at local pubs/specialty stores. One of roommates does it, and it’s saved him quite a bit of cashola.

Serious Eats: Finally, a Heavy Metal Cookbook - 'Hellbent for Cooking'
For those about to cook, we salute you.

Wise Bread: Frugal, Gluten-Free Living – Kitchen Tools That Stretch Your Budget and Time
Celiac folks! Look here! I swear it's not weird.


McSweeney’s: Benefits Not Provided by “Friends with Benefits.”
My most excellent and hilarious friend Tony got a piece in McSweeney’s! This is the link to it. Because that’s what we do here.

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scorpiuslives said...

re #5: It is discrimination, and it's ridiculous. BMI, as I'm sure you're aware is a meaningless measurement of nothing, including health, and a person's cholesterol levels are based more on genetics than anything else. As for being a "representative"--I'm not sure what you mean. I am a skinny woman who often eats lots and lots of junk food. Am I allowed to get those employee benefits? Is it okay if I only scarf McDonalds secretly in the dead of night, so that I cannot tarnish the good name of Whole Foods? Why should I be considered less worthy than a person who exercises and eats healthily and still happens to be fat?

I love many things about this blog, but the constant fat hate/fear/obsession kind of wears at me.

Kris said...

Scorpius, I hear you about #5, and it was more of a discussion question than a reflection of my feelings. (Maybe I could have worded it better.) I do think it's discrimination, especially considering Whole Foods is essentially a grocery store.

As for the fat issue, I understand what you're saying, and respectfully disagree. We absolutely discuss weight on CHG, because it's undeniably intertwined with healthy eating. But I try to be very, very conscious about the tone of our posts, and don't think we harp on it in a negative way. I appreciate you bringing it up, though, because it's a good reminder.

scorpiuslives said...

Thanks for your response, Kris. I'm sorry if my post was a little incoherent and/or abrupt, I shouldn't post while hungry. I do appreciate that you're blogging for an audience that has different concerns than I do.

Kris said...

It wasn't abrupt! Not at all. I totally appreciate the comment, scorp, because it's seriously important for us to be vigilant about our tone.

Katie said...

"For those about to cook, we salute you." - You. Are. Awesome.

AmyinMotown said...

Have I mentioned how much I love this blog? I do, I love this blog. And scorpious, could I buy you a virtual drink? Because I am that person who eats well and exercises and is still fat (PCOS and crappy genes and who knows what else). Other people like me acknowledge we exist, but I so rarely hear thin people do so, and I appreciate it. For what it's worth, I don't find the tone of this blog to be weird about food or fat-shaming or diet-obsessed; the women who write here seem to look at food from a health perspective versus concerning themselves with calories or fat or whatever at the expense of anything else. Which is one of the reasons I like it.

Kris said...

Katie and Amy, thank you both! Those comments are excellent starts to the weekend.