Friday, July 30, 2010

Top 10 Links of the Week: 7/23/10 – 7/29/10

It’s been a sweet seven days over at headquarters (Note: my futon), between a Lifehacker link and post on the most excellent Get Rich Slowly. But the week is never complete without ... THE LINKS!

From Get Rich Slowly
1) Get Rich Slowly: How to Use a Food Dehydrator to Preserve Your Harvest
Clear, informative, extensive post on the wide world of dried fruits and veggies. I swear, Kris’ summary of methodology, practical uses, and advantages will convince you to buy a dehydrator by the time the article is over.

2) Eatocracy: The Great Lunch Swap
I love this idea: co-workers Tommy and Callie made lunch for each other for three days, and it was a total, raging success. Are you converting from takeout to brown-bagging your office meals? This is a faboo way to ease into it.

3) stonesoup: 18 tips for minimising your food costs
If you’re just starting out on this whole frugal food journey, this excellent rundown on the basics of eating cheaply/healthfully is a must-read. Bonus cauliflower/chickpea recipe at the end!

4) The Oregonian: Nurturing the Next Crop of Farmers
Neat piece on the new generation of young farmers. Inspired by the Michael Pollans and locavore movements of the world, they’re overcoming legislative obstacles to learn about the harvest.

5) The Kitchn: Good Ways for Couples to Share Food Responsibilities?
Wise Bread had a really good piece on this a few weeks ago, and this extensive comment thread only adds more to the discussion. Great for those couples A) just starting out, or B) experiencing an unequal division of labor. Most important: if you feel you’re shouldering all the responsibility, SAY SOMETHING, or suffer the resentment-filled consequences.

6) Money Saving Mom: Is Organic Milk Worth the Extra Price Tag?
We use milk exclusively for cereal over here, so these 124 comments are a bit of an education (especially Amber’s at #11). Unscientific, but most interesting: some women claim organic milk/meat postpones their daughters’ periods a few years (meaning: past third grade).

7) Salon: How to never make the same-old, same-old salad again
Sick to death of lame greens and droopy tomatoes? Francis Lam ensures you’ll never suffer a weak salad again with this thorough, knows-what-he’s-talking-about how-to.

From Real Simple.
8) Real Simple: 22 Quick, No-Cook Recipes
Oo! Nice, heat implement-free compilation of easy recipes.

9) Huffington Post: Stop Drinking Bottled Water Now!
Fab, graphic-happy poster explains why bottled water drains our wallets and environment. Print and hang!

10) Chow: What the *&@#%!$ Should I Do with All This Summer Fruit?
We started with a trip to the dehydrator. We’re ending with a trip to the freezer. Solid step-by-step on freezing your berries, melons, stone fruits, and … uh, other stuff.


Chicago Tribune: Homemade Pickles in Just an Hour
Sixty minutes to a better burger.

Esquire: Food for Men – Chinese Food
Ever wonder how to get the authentic stuff at Chinese restaurants? Only John Mariani knows for sure. (Okay, and millions of lovely Chinese people, too.)

Holy Cool: 15 Cool and Creative Ice Cube Trays
Ooo! Great birthday gifts for summer babies.

New York Times: Healthy Department Revamps Restaurant Inspection Website
Noo Yawkuhs! Restaurants are receiving letter grades for cleanliness now. Blissful ignorance is no more.

Slashfood: Vegetarian Grilling Taste Test
Quorn always loses these things. And Morningstar Farms always wins.


Gawker TV: The Best Little League Player in the Country is a Girl
Baseball pitcher Chelsea Baker, age 13, has a 65-mph fastball. She hasn’t lost a game in four years, and pitched two perfect ones, including an All-Star game. This year, she struck out 127 batters in 60 innings. Beautifully shot and edited, this piece highlights her knuckleball and ponytail in all their glory.

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Anonymous said...

In light of that organic milk and meat postponing girls' periods: totally true.
Now that I think of it, most of the meat I ate as a kid came from my grandpas farm, and since I can remember only organic dairy came into the house. I only got my period when I was about 13 years-old, which was a lot later than my classmates at the time.

Harper said...

Actually, fwiw, there is a scientific connection between high meat consumption and early menarche. Since most people in the West eat conventional meat, it would be difficult to say whether the growth hormones/antibiotics/etc. present in conventional meats are involved in those results. Here's my source:

Anonymous said...

Well, anon 1:24, since anecdotes apparently equal data here, I ALSO got my period when I was 13 -- almost 14 -- the very last of my classmates, and I never had organic meat or milk growing up.

If you have studies showing it's totally true, please provide them -- we'd all be interested, I know.

Kris said...

@Anon #2: Ease up, yo.