Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Temporary Arrivederci and Your Top 5 Favorite Vegetables

Sweet readers!

It’s me, Kris. Hi!

This Sunday, I’m marrying this guy I like, hurricane permitting. And for a few weeks after that, we’re gonna drive around Italy, searching for duomos and large plates of spaghetti. (And wine. Always wine.)

During that time, and Leigh (of Veggie Might fame) will be running CHG. The schedule will stay the same. There’ll just be a slightly different voice behind it – namely, a vegetarian one with cute hair and much better cooking skills.

I really enjoy keeping this blog, and will miss our discussions while I'm away. In the meantime, hope y’all have wonderful Septembers, and I'll speak to you soon!

P.S. Oh, yeah! The results of last week’s Ask the Internet are as follows:

36 votes: Tomatoes

26 votes: Onions

19 votes: Leafy greens (Kale, lettuce, collards, etc.)

17 votes: Bell peppers

16 votes: Asparagus, Broccoli

15 votes: Corn, Peas (all kinds), Sweet Potatoes

12 votes: Spinach

11 votes: Carrots, Garlic, Potatoes

10 votes: Mushrooms

9 votes: Cucumbers

8 votes: Brussels sprouts

7 votes: Avocado

6 votes: Zucchini

5 votes: Beets, Eggplant

4 votes: Artichokes, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Winter Squash (Butternut, Kabocha, etc.)

3 votes: Garlic and onions (whole Allium family), Hot peppers, Parsnips

2 votes: Cabbage, Leeks, Lima Beans, Pumpkin

1 vote: Broccoli Rabe, Celery, Edamame, Fennel, Lentils, Okra, Red Cabbage, Romanesco Broccoli, Yellow Squash

Tomatoes, for the win.

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Kat said...

Congratulations on getting married! I hope you have a spectacular time! :)

sarahp said...

No, don't go. Like, I know you're getting married and all, but really, get your priorities straight! My dinners are going to be less inventive now.

I think it's just selfish.

Elaine said...

Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Hope the weather cooperates. Have a great honeymoon, and I'm looking forward to the blog resuming when you return.

Teeny said...


Congrats! My fiance are taking a trip to Italy here soon and will be heading to Rome and Naples on Sept. 11th, maybe I will see you there!

Caitlin said...

Congratulations!!!! It's going to be wonderful. :)

And while you're in Italy, please PLEASE go to Florence! And while you're in Florence and unable to communicate properly (unless one of you speaks Italian, in which case, kudos to you!) go to Grotto di Leo restaurant. There is a lovely waitress there who spends half the year in NYC and half the year in Florence. If she hadn't been so sweet to us I would have hated her.

Congratulations again! Enjoy every second!

Chief Family Officer said...

Congratulations! I hope your special day goes smoothly and is full only of good memories. And best wishes for many years of happiness together!

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Kris. Hope all goes well on Sunday, and have a wonderful honeymoon.

Lil-Rosi said...

Congratulations!!! Hope the hurricane stays calm for a little while longer! Have a wonderful Italian honeymoon!

Liza R. said...

Congratulaions! I hope you have a beautiful, stress-free day and trip! Can't wait to hear about Italy.

MS said...

Have a fantastic time at your wedding! Take mental snapshots a few times throughout the event...I know it'll be wonderful! Congratulations!

Lindsey said...

Congratulations, Kris! Longtime reader and happy you and the husband-elect (now husband- whee!) have found such bliss together. Cheers!