Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank You!

Hi sweet readers,

Links are coming shortly, but I wanted to thank everyone who wrote in to Monday's kitteh-heavy Ask the Internet. Your suggestions have been invaluable, and in the last four days or so, we:
  • Started feeding Tim Riggins like a nine-pound cat instead of a 35-pound dog. This has already made a Hummer-sized dent in our scooping responsibilities.
  • Are gradually switching him from Target brand litter to Feline Pine. I swear, I could taste the clay dust on my tongue last week, so this has been huge.
  • Combed the pet store, reading ingredient lists on cat food bags. We settled on a small bag of Nutro adult, and will see how he adjusts. (Though, I think we'll be okay. This cat eats anything vaguely food-shaped.)
  • Gave him a wine cork, milk container seal, and a paper towel tube to play with. Between those, a $2 packet of jingly balls, and the feather-on-a-stick our neighbors left when they moved, he's been pretty happy.
We're still working on a slight nipping problem, but beyond that, it's all systems go. Thank you again for helping us go from feline-ignorant to feline-semi-knowledgeable.

Links are on their way!

Kris & Husband-Elect

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Anonymous said...

Let me share an idea for boy-cat rough-and-tumble play that we have implemented in our house.

We have a 14 lb all-boy boy-cat that sometimes just needs to play pretty hard (even though he does get to ramble outside at will). When he was a kitten, my daughter and I played with him with the feather on a stick thingy and other such toys - never a bare hand as the play thing. If he did get aggressive with either of us, he got a swat on the nose and a severe scolding.

However, playing with my husband was another matter entirely. We took an old heavy sweatshirt and pulled one sleeve inside of the other. My husband would wear this on one arm (keeping his hand covered by holding the cuff closed) and let Buddy (the boy-cat) have at it. They love to wrestle and fight this way. ONLY my husband interacts with the cat with The Sleeve. If Buddy got aggressive without The Sleeve, my husband would give Buddy a swat, push him away, and go get The Sleeve and then play.

Buddy quickly learned there was a time and place for aggression. Buddy is now 7 and doesn't nip or fight with 'the girls' and will 'ask' to play rough with my husband periodically. Win-win! Try it.

MsLeading said...

Regarding the nipping, it's important to play with your kitteh using toys and not fingers/toes/other parts of your body. Teasing him with toes, getting him to chase your fingers on the floor, letting him bite/claw your hand, etc. will make him a biter. Use string, feathers, balls, even hand puppets or socks instead. Good luck, and remember to not overfeed! Most indoor cats will have a paunch, but fat cats are unhealthy cats and lead to problems, hand-wringing and high vet bills.

Anonymous said...

I am not usually a product-shilling type person, BUT...

This stuff is the world's best cat litter (they even named it that).

It's phenomenal. Smell? Vaguely like a corn field. Nothing like cat poop.

Don't feel pressured. It's expensive. But think about it.

Oh, long time reader, first time commenter.

Amanda on Maui said...

When my cat was strictly indoors I used the Feline Pine too. Now I have an indoor/outdoor cat. She's really good about letting me know when she needs to go out, and she's never used the house as her litter box (except after a traumatic vet experience).