Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ask the Internet: What DON'T You Spend Money On?

Simple Organized Living started it. Then, Money Saving Mom picked it up. Today, Casual Kitchen's Daniel puts his own twist on it. I think it's officially a meme:

Q: What ten things DON'T you spend money on?

A: Okay, here goes:
  1. Beef (Thank you, chickens.)
  2. Bottled water and soda (Thank you, tap.)
  3. Lawn care (Thank you, Brooklyn concrete.)
  4. Mayonnaise, radishes, scallops, cauliflower, and anise. (Thank you, food aversions.)
  5. Name brand clothes (Thank you, lack of fashion sense.)
  6. Cable TV (Thank you, Netflix.)
  7. DVDs (Thanks again, Netflix.)
  8. Books (Thank you, public library.)
  9. A car (Thank you, feet.)
  10. Kitchen gadgets (Thank you, limited cabinet space.)
Readers, fire away. This is a fun one.

Want to ask the interweb a question? Post one in the comment section, or write to Cheaphealthygood@gmail.com. Then, tune in next Tuesday for an answer/several answers from the good people of the World Wide Net.

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Diane said...

This is fun, but you should also have a category for "10 completely weird things you spend money on that no one else does," as I suspect that would balance out all this frugality. Anyhow - here goes with my never-spend-$ list:

1. Bottled water - never have...except when traveling abroad.
2. Car washes - free coupon 1x year from service dept, otherwise it stays dirty.
3. Boxed cereal - I eat weird, savory asian food for breakfast.
4. Juice - it's all too sweet for me.
5. Pre-washed, pre-packaged, ready-to-eat, single-serving anything - I'm too frugal to plump for that stuff.
6. Cookies/Candy - I have a salt tooth not a sweet tooth.
7. New books (except cookbooks!) - I use the library tons.
8. Milk - never liked the stuff. I use it very rarely. I buy maybe 1 or 2 cartons a year for cooking, and even then half of it goes bad. I eat lots of yogurt, but hate milk.
9. Video/Computer/Wii games and their kin - never really got the point of these.
10. Energy bars of any kind - bleccccccccccch. Soggy peanut jerky with sugar most of them.

TrippyTexan said...

Re: bottled water & soda

Up until about a year ago we lived in an area where the water was so bad that pregnant women were advised against drinking it (and this is in the US!). Bottled water was just something we had to fit into the food budget. A lot of people don't realize how lucky they are to have good tap water-- many of my coworkers here in our new city think the tap water is "gross", but I can't taste anything wrong with it!

adventuresindinner said...

Being a terrible overspender in the past I am trying to reform and my list of not buying is getting longer.

1) bottled water (still or fizzy)
2) mediocre food (life is far too short)
3) clothes that are going to wear out or lose their style quickly
4) something that at the end of it's life just ends-up in the dump
5) things that are made by hurting other people or the planet

Lots of Irish guilt living here.

Heidi said...

1. bottled water
2. coffee filters
3. premade/box mix baked good (cookies, cakes, etc.)
4. canned beans (dried IS better)
5. pizza
6. pancake/waffle/baking mixes
7. broth/stock/soup
8. paper/magazine subscriptions
9. fancy cell phones (husband's iPhone is free through work, mine is a disposable)
10. baby food (no babies right now, but never bought it for my 3 kids)

Not a terribly impressive list, expecially compared to MSM, but I'm working on it!

Amie said...

This list is already fantastic and I must say that many of these things are already on my own "Things I DON'T spend money on" list. Here are some more:
1)Car Payment (Thank You Honda for a car that goes forever and ever)
2)Manicures,Pedicures and Hair Highlights (Thank You for a lack of glam-gal genes)
3)Expensive cleaners (Thank You lemon, salt, baking soda & water)
4)Fancy Adult beverages (Thank you sensitive belly)

Thanks for for giving me another tool that encourages positive thinking!

Anna N said...

Hey, many of the things on other people's lists are great and on my list too! I also don't spend money on:

1. New clothes (most of the time -- thank you, thrift store addiction)

2. Non-fabulous desserts (thank you, fabulous bakeries of NYC, for causing me not to waste money on the non-fabulous ones, and also for not being too close to my apartment)

3. Meat (thank you, parents, for raising me vegetarian)

4. Video games (thank you, poor hand-eye coordination)

5. Salad dressing (thank you, LD's Creamy Green Dressing from Moosewood, for pretty much converting me to homemade)

6. Air conditioning (thank you, stubbornness, ceiling fans, and windows on all four sides of the apt)

7. Liquid hand soap (thank you, previous occupant of my apartment, who left me an entire gallon of it)

ilikecoffee said...

I have a hard time thinking of things other people buy that I don't bc it seems so normal most of the time.

1. car payment (2 hondas = cars forever)

2. mani/pedi/massage ($2 nail polish for the nails and husband for the massage)

3. bottled water (good tap water!)

4. cream of [grossness] soups (sickorama)

5. pre-made meals (homecooked tastes better)

6. laundry detg (homemade!)

7. cable/movies (thanks, TIVO, netflix, library and hulu)

8. toys for our kids (i sound like a grinch but really they like to play w/ tupperware and cardboard boxes)

9. books (library and paperback swap)

10. lawn care (husband!)

I'm thankful that I have these opportunities to save money on these things bc I know not everyone has access to husbands, libraries, etc.

Jenna said...

1. Beef (My husband did some work for a farmer who paid him in beef--back to the bartering system!)
2. Car Washes or Lawn Care (My wonderful husband takes care of this.)
3. Haircuts/Color/Highlights (My mom is a hairdresser.)
4. Car Payments (We have two used, paid for cars.)
5. Getting to the point where I never pay full price for anything--utilizing coupons, consignments, etc.
6. Premade Iced Tea (We used to buy this every week, I am making my own now.)
7. Bakery Breads/Rolls (I got a breadmaker. Also use it to make pizza dough.)
8. Christmas cards (I wait for the best free deal every year online and can design it myself it I have to.)
9. Professional photographs (I always take my own.)
10. Manicures/Pedicures (I wish I had the extra cash to do pedicures, but I can do them myself and they look like I had them professionally done.

Libby said...

1. starbucks/starbucks-esque to-go coffee...i brew at home, use my stainless steel coffee mug and save hundred of dollars a year.

2. bottled water...SUCH a waste of $$ and terrible for the environment. i fill up my klean kanteen from my faucet for free.

3. meat...don't eat it, so no need to buy it.

4. sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks just to have in the fridge...at home we have 3 choices: water, coffee, and booze :)

5. granola bars...i make my own.

6. mayo...i make my own vegan version.

7. fancy cell phone...i keep a minimal amount of minutes on my tracfone for emergencies and that's it.

8. manicures/pedicures...i've never had one and i'm betting i never will. what's wrong with a $3 bottle of polish at home?

9. massages...if i had the money, this one would be kicked off the list in a heartbeat.

10. mass christmas cards to send out to family and friends...i think its a nice gesture but it doesn't have a big enough impact for me to justify the cost and the extra thing to add to my to-do list during a very busy time of year.

Amber said...

Okay, ten things:

1. Fancy digs. My husband and I live in a studio apartment - best savings ever and it *feels* bigger than a one-bedroom.
2. Fancy wine. Three buck chuck all the way.
3. Cars. '98 Corolla is going to run forever.
4. Makeup.
5. Perfume.
6. Toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant. Always free at CVS.
7. Computers. I have always had free computers from a techie friend.
8. Fancy haircuts. My haircut costs $20 and is always great - small local salon.
9. Books. Library, paperbackswap meet my needs.
10. Gift cards. I hate them. I can always think of something better or just give cash.

Owlhaven said...

Bottled water
Boxed cookies
chicken nuggets
canned soup
already-made juice (I use frozen)
deli sandwiches
sirloin steak
instant pudding
frozen lasagna
hamburger helper
baby food
pancake mix
frozen waffles
shaving cream (hair conditioner works as well and is way cheaper)
expensive face moisturizer (olive oil works just as well and gives skin a youthful sheen)

I'm sure there are lots more, but that is what I've got at the moment!

Sally said...

1. Bottled water
2. Boxed cereal
3. Ready-to-eat foods
4. Bread crumbs, croutons
5. Salad dressing
6. Canned beans
7. Manicures, pedicures, hair coloring
8. Deoderant (I'm allergic and odor is only a problem if I happen to eat a lot of junk)
9. Fancy cell phone and other gadetry
10. Cable

Autumn said...

What don't I spend money on. . .

1. Car payments (yippie for now)
2. Car washes (the nice honda people do that whenever I take a car in even for a oil change)
3. Bread (but I keep a package of bagels in the freezer just in case we start to grow penicillin unexpectedly)
4. Booze (just now, thinking about getting pregnant, this will NOT be permanent by any means)
5. Mushrooms (they are icky) or cream of fungus soup (ickyer)
6. Mani/pedis, but wouldn't that be nice once in a while?
7. Lawn care and weed killing service (seriously, do I want that stuff to grow faster so I have to mow it more?) and husband must do something around the house
8. DVR (we repurposed an old PC and built our own)
9. Bottled water
10. Premade pasta sauce or salad dressings or cream of ickyness soup

Maggie Maguire said...

1 bottled water (I live in Tasmania, Australia home of mountain springs etc )
2 tinned soup (simply cannot stomach that)
3. bread (make my own -badly at present but it will get better)
4. bought biscuits (they taste like cardboard)
5. mobile phone
6. internet (I use the computers at college)
7. stock of any kind (the kind you cook with not the paper kind.)
8.cable TV - (i don't have that much time and Free to Air TV is great in Australia)
9. newspapers - (if I don't know about it it didn't happen)
10. garbage bin liners particularly the ones with perfume attached.

Iz said...

Let's have a think...sorry if this is a bit random and not all food related...
(1) bread (make it)
(2) satellite TV (nothing on)
(3) gym membership (we have a dog)
(4) cake (make from scratch)
(5) rosemary and thyme (grows in the garden and available all year round, unless covered in SNOW)
(6) ballet classes or pony riding (our girl is gifted in music not prancing around in tutus and gave up ponies when she was 4)
(7)liver (hate the stuff, school dinners, won't eat it)
(8) jam (make it)
(9) mince pies (although this year's mincemeat has NOT gone according to plan)
(10) firewood (although we would LOVE a woodburner if we can work out how to get one fitted in our house without a chimney)

Shae said...


"8. manicures/pedicures... what's wrong with a $3 bottle of polish at home?

9. massages...if i had the money, this one would be kicked off the list in a heartbeat."

Funny you should say these two things. A pedicure is like a massage for many of us, and at least third of the price. The nail polish is really the least of the experience.

However I've become conflicted about pedicures, due to learning that the (often poor, often immigrant) workers get emphysema and other problems from continued use of the products.

Shae said...

Regarding Christmas cards: Make them! Use catalogs, old ugly or previously used Christmas cards, free tags and cards that come in the mail from Smithsonian & elsewhere, wrapping paper scraps, and whatever else is around, to make a collage.

These collages can actually come out quite funny and ironic looking, thanks to giant kittens in red hats, Santas trying to sell you products, and other bad consumer design decisions.

Anonymous said...

A few repeats here, but gotta pipe up!
1. I will not.spend. $8. On. A. Crappy. Lunch. I bring it. Like its my religion or something.
2. Pricey haircuts-thanks aveda institute nyc!!
3. Car payments/insurance/gas-nyc MTA might suck but saves me $$
4. Meat/dairy (vegan)
5. Soda (coffee is another story tho)
6. Overpriced tofu (lovin that stand on bowery and grand, three huge hunks freshmade for a buck!!)
7. Mascara (santa puts two tubes in my stocking every year!)
8. Pre-portioned premade not yummy foods (I'm lookin at u pret)
9. More stuff than I really need (nyc studios get claustrophobic quickly!)
10.I won't buy cheap shoes- see above re:mode of transportation. My feet are worth it

Anonymous said...

1. Bread - make my own
2. make-up - too yucky on my face
3. expensive haircut - husband cuts for free
4. Coffee - water, I love you!
5. Booze - water I love you again!
6. Meat - can't digest it
7. Dried apples - Thanks Mom!
8. TV - too poor, no room, no time - life is BUSY!
9. Landscaping - the "yard" is currently a balcony, but I don't think I would ever pay for this anyway
10. Basically, my rule is, if I can make it, I don't buy it!

Anonymous said...

1. in-law's christmas gifts (need I say more?)
2. date nights with the hubster (thanks to non-existing in-law babysitting services)
3. overpriced kids gym classes (Gymboree and all that other hype)
4. with exception of undies and socks: brand new clothing (thanks, goodwill)
5. tanning salons/spray tan
6. make up
7. McDisgusting/Barfer King/the likes
8. coin counting machines/ATM fee's
9. the usua - bottled water, car washes... what everyone else has mostly
10. starting 2011: store bought birthday gifts. every. single. gift we give will be home made next year

Megan said...

1) Car-- Thanks, public transportation!
2) Ice cream/ pizza/ cheese-- Thanks, lactose intolerance!
3) Mani/pedi-- I just do it myself, and so can afford to do it every week.
4) Expensive haircut-- Aveda Institute all the way!
5) Soda-- yeck.
6) Television-- Thanks, Netflix!
7) Concert tix-- Thanks, music reviewing gig!
8) Expensive wine-- Thanks, Trader Joe's!
9) Tiny garbage bags-- Thanks, Target bags!
10) Leaded glass crap-- Thanks, Mom's cabinets!!