Monday, April 11, 2011

Comment Policy

Sweet readers!

We've received many wonderful comments lately, from insightful and generous viewers of this here blog. We love getting them, and engaging in the discussions they inspire. Honestly, the community aspect of blogging is probs the best part.

However, we've also received quite a few comments that read like this:

Great post! I agree. -Aromatherapy Gladys

In these cases, the name link connects directly to one of two things:
  1. A corporation or an amateurish personal site meant to sell a variety of crap: diet aids, acai berries, dining room tables, etc. 
  2. A fraudulent cooking site created entirely so SEO-heavy "recipes" can attract eyes to Google ads.
It's spam, and I never, ever post these comments. But A) I wanted to give other bloggers the heads up (heads up!), and B) I'd like to stop receiving them. The filters miss a lot, and checking the links takes up far too much of my valuable 30 Rock-watching time.

So, folks that send germane comments packed with relevant information: Thank you and keep sending!

And to the folks that comment solely for traffic: Please stop. I don't want your dining room table, and your SEO sites are hurting bloggers who publish actual content, and who depend on this for a living. For real.


P.S. Google, please get on this.

P.S.S. The first comment I received after posting this:

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Kristine said...

I wish the filters would pick them up too. They are more than just annoying - they are distracting to the conversation in the comments.

thesixthletter said...

I don't know that the posts are actual people - I think they may be automatically generated. A blog that I moderate literally has THOUSANDS.

Kris said...

@Kristine: Me, too.

@thesixth: Holy moly. How do you know which is which? Some are so good at concealing.

Laura said...

See, the one you took a screenshot of, I might have left on my blog. Lately the line between spam vs real posts is blurring - when it just says "I agree" with a link, it's definitely spam, but the screenshot one (to me) is a bit hazy. (At least, if your post had been about cooking).

Ducks said...

I think they're automatically generated. I responded to one that I thought was such once, and to my surprise, found a real person -- who was really nice after all. But they can't all be that way. :(

I so appreciate your site and the useful conversations that happen in the comments. It has always amazed me that you find time to moderate them. On behalf of silently lurking fans like myself, thank you!

By the way, chicken stuffed with aromatherapeutic herbs is really easy...

Beth said...

Once we switched from Blogger to Wordpress we get far less spam like this. Not the answer you were hoping to hear given recent attempts at migrating, but their filters seem better.

These spammers are getting more sophisticated, I've clicked through some that look very legit. I don't know how to make your filter more fine tuned, or if you even can. I share your pain.

gfpumpkins said...

I use wordpress, and I've gotten a lot of spam like that in the past 6 months or so. Not sure what causes the uptick. I can't imagine the quantity you see, as my blog is MUCH smaller, and I still seem more spam than I care to.

Amanda E said...

That is ridiculous!! maybe try to think of it as your blog is so popular that it's attracting these people who want traffic? :)

Kris said...

Thank you for all the good words and points, you guys.

@Laura: Upon second glance, you're totes right - it does seem hazier. I think I automatically become suspicious of name links that go to professional sites, which that aromatherapy one did. I wish there was a way to tell who was legitimate.

@Beth: Good call. Though Blogger's become way, way better in other senses the last year or so, the spam filters still leave something to be desired.

Marcia said...

What is an SEO site?

I guess the benefit to having a blog with less traffic is that I don't get too much spam. I do get some though!

Kris said...

@Marcia, this is a good example of an SEO site:

It provides very little actual content, but floods the page with key words that Google is likely to pick up in a search. (That's why the writing is so awkward.) It's already on page 2 of the search results, pushing out blogs, recipe sites, and other pages written by people with real ideas.

Kris said...

Good luck with the spammers! My site gets so few visitors, and for the last week I've been flooded with spam comments by a pajama site in Europe! Puh-leeze... I write a triathlon blog! Sheesh!

I love your site for the great recipe ideas... my personal fave so far was the chocolate granola!